Behaviour for Learning

Stokesley School is a community of people – students, teachers, learning support assistants and other staff – committed to fostering and facilitating students’ learning.

Any behaviour which disrupts learning is dealt with promptly and fairly.  All teachers use a staged response strategy to place the ownership of disruptive behaviour in the hands of our students so that we can help them take responsibility for their own actions. We try to make every member of the school community feel valued by recognising and rewarding achievement and promoting mutual respect.

Everyone at Stokesley has a responsibility:

  • to ensure they do not disturb the learning and teaching of others
  • to be honest and to respect others and their belongings to support every member of the school community Everyone at Stokesley has a right to learn and to teach in a peaceful and safe environment
  • to expect that they and their belongings will be treated with respect
  • to be treated with consideration, courtesy and respect to be the very best that we can be.

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