Information for parents: how we support our students’ behaviour at Stokesley School

Our motto ‘being the best we can be’ pervades everything we do at Stokesley School, and this is underpinned by our three core expectations that students will be ‘ready, respectful and ambitious’. We firmly believe that to be firm and clear in our expectations is kind: it enables our community to thrive and prepares the young people in our care for a future in which they may not get as much support and guidance, or as many second chances.

Guiding Principles

As a staff, we work with Pivotal Education to ensure our behaviour management is the best it can be; as a result, we subscribe to the five Pivotal pillars:

  1. Consistent, calm adult behaviour
  2. First attention to best conduct
  3. Relentless routines
  4. Scripted interventions
  5. Restorative follow up

Recognition Strategies

We want our behaviour policies to cater for the 95% of students who make positive behaviour choices the first time, every time. Therefore the most important part of our behaviour system is our positive recognition; we do this in the following ways:

  1. House points with accumulations linked to e-postcards. House points are awarded by:
    1. Teacher’s stampers in planners
    2. Positive notes collected in planners
  2. Going for Gold tutor group competition/House based competition
  3. Hot Chocolate Friday with the Headteacher
  4. Phone calls, text messages and e-mails home as well as verbal praise
  5. School awards


In an ideal world, our sanctions would be irrelevant as students would always make positive choices about their behaviour; in reality, this is not always the case. For us, the most important thing is having a set of consequences that are clear, simple, consistently applied and fully supported by parents. We also have a full range of supportive intervention programmes aimed at breaking the cycle of poor behaviour. Please click on the links on this page to discover more about our systems or get in touch with the school.

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