Stokesley Schools Sports Cluster





Every year we run the ‘SSSC BEST & FAIREST’ league table across all of our events.  Points are awarded for participation and playing to the ideals of the School Games (Honesty, Respect, Determination, Self-Belief, Team work and Passion) with a few points for winning thrown in too.

Last year’s winners have made a great start to 2018 leading the table after a third of the year.  They are very closely followed by one of our smaller schools (proving that size is no barrier to participation, fun and playing by the rules).  And third place the power house of the west!

STOKESLEY                                                                                          155 points

INGLEBY GREENHOW                                                                     120 points

HUTTON RUDBY                                                                                110 points

Keep it up everyone – there are lots more events and point to come!



What a great start to the year, a new sport for our Yr3/4s to come and try – this year with the support of the soon to be formed Stokesley Junior Netball Club and England Netball we put on a range of different netball related skills and games for the children to come and have a go at.  They learnt how to pass, how to find space, how to stop quickly and most importantly not to move with the ball – it’s a team game!

Well done to everyone for bringing their enthusiasm and the sunshine – the smiles on their faces showed us all what a great time they had.  Everyone should give themselves a big round of applause for coming and trying something new!



Congratulations to all of the Year 5/6s who attended the Tag Rugby Tournament, for many this was their first taste of both rugby and for some their first competitive tournament, they were all fantastic!  We highlighted before the start that mistakes are really just opportunities to learn and it was great to see throughout the day everyone’s ability to learn on the job, increase in self-belief, by the end of the afternoon the tagging and passing had improved and everyone was getting into the swing of running forwards and passing backwards (it can be very counter intuitive at the start!)

The competition as usual was very close at the top with the winners of POOL 2 having to be decided on tries scored, Ingleby Greenhow were very unlucky to lose out to Hutton Rudby A (after drawing the pool game), who joined Stokesley A in the Grand Final.  The grand final was also a close affair, watched by all the other competitors, the atmosphere was electric with lots of support from the sidelines.  After Stokesley had a try disallowed and an interception, Hutton Rudby were winners by 4 tries to 2 – Well Done and good luck in the Hambleton Area Round

1st           Hutton Rudby A

2nd          Stokesley A

3rd           Ingleby Greenhow/ Kirkby & Gt Broughton A



Yet again this year, the children that attended the football tournament in the glorious sunshine did both themselves and their schools proud.  There was so much team work and determination on display that they sports leaders gave out 10 fair play points – well done to those who won one for their school!

As usual it was a very close affair at both ends of the table with some very, very tight matches played in a fantastic spirit.  In the table top clash Stokesley’s determination earned them a 1-0 win over a more talented Hutton Rudby team (with 2 players being selected to attend area trials – well done boys) – this goal was really the only difference separating the two teams.  Ingleby Greenhow used their skills and passion to earn third place in the competition by two 2-0 wins over Kirkby & Osmotherley.  Osmotherley were 4th by working hard for their draws and although Kirkby were in fifth on the day they did score against the mighty Hutton Rudby!

Once again well done to everyone on the day both you and your football were fantastic.



As usual I was overawed with the level of gymnastics on display from the children in our cluster, it is always a pleasure to watch as all their hard work pays off on the big stage.  All of the children competed in three different gymnastic elements with their scores being added together at the end of the day.  Following in their long history of gymnastic achievements Hutton Rudby won Key Step 1 & 3, with new winners of Key Step 2 Ingleby Greenhow – well done to all of the competitors, unfortunately North Yorkshire Sport are not supporting a county competition this year so there are no more rounds to compete in, it was just for the local pride this year!

The results on the day were as follows


1ST           Hutton Rudby

2ND          Ingleby Greenhow



1ST           Ingleby Greenhow

2ND          Hutton Rudby

3RD          Stokesley


1ST           Hutton Rudby

2ND          Stokesley

3RD          Ingleby Greenhow

And as usual a special mention and well done to those gymnasts who were exhibiting their school games values and won fair play points for their schools for their self-belief and determination – we could all learn a lot from them!



One of the favourite events of the year, our indoor team athletics event.  It’s fast furious and lots of fun, running, jumping, throwing, with bucket loads of support from your team mates!  There is a real team atmosphere and it’s always nice that our smaller teams can compete in this event, filling up their teams with some younger children, who are always fantastic and will be amazing in years to come with all the practise that they are getting!!

There was no ounce of effort left unused, and after a small technical hitch the final placing were as follows:

1st           Hutton Rudby

2nd          Stokesley

3rd           Ingleby Greenhow/Osmotherley

Congratulations to all those who took part and good luck to Hutton Rudby representing our cluster in the area finals.



A new event on the calendar this year and trying to find pool availability and squeeze it in amongst the business of Christmas performances led to only two schools being able to make the gala.  You would never have known that there was a small number of entries as the atmosphere was loud and frenetic as in the summer when the pool is full – it must have been all of the great support from their team mates, leading to some fantastic, competitive races with only fingertip touches between the swimmers.  The neck and neck theme continued throughout the gala, with the score all square after the individual races.  So the relays were, as often the case, to prove decisive and despite all the mighty effort from the Carlton and Bilsdale swimmers, Stokesley won 3 out of the 4 relays and were winners in the end.

Congratulations to all of the swimmers selected by their schools to take part, we look forward to seeing you all again with all of the other schools at our end of year gala.  Good luck to Stokesley in the next round.