Letters to Parents

Dear Parent/Guardian

 You can inspire the next generation!

…By getting involved in our Careers Programme.

We organise a range of events and activities for students in all year groups, across the academic year. It is important that we provide information and guidance which is up to date and relevant to our students, so we are constantly looking for new opportunities and support.

We are eager to hear from people who work at all levels, and with varied educational backgrounds and career histories. Whether you are an employer, training provider, professional or entrepreneur – we need people with enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to help inspire our students.

 You could join the Stokesley School Business Links and Alumni Network, and be updated with activities and success stories of Stokesley School students and also be given opportunities to participate in the Careers Programme.

The next event is an Information Evening for students and parents, with a focus on “Creative Careers”, taking place on Thursday 21st November, 6.30-8.30pm. This event is in response to a survey of career aspirations from our current year 10/11 students.  Employment in this sector is growing at four times the rate of the UK workforce as a whole, with 1 in 11 jobs across the UK being a ‘creative’ one. 

To find out how you can get involved, please contact:

Mrs J. Harrison-Henry, Careers Co-ordinator on  j.harrison-henry@stokesleyschool.org 

 If you think you might be able to contribute to our Careers Programme in other ways, please also get in touch; we will respond to all offers of assistance.

 You can also visit our school website to view our Careers Programme and also read about some of our previous events/visits and activities.  

 Thank you for your consideration of this request. Further details of the Creative Careers Information Evening (for visitors) will be made available shortly.

 Yours sincerely
 Mrs J Harrison-Henry
Careers Leader