Hot Chocolate Friday 08 November 2019

This week it was the turn of Y8s again on Hot Chocolate Friday and it was an all-male event! One person from each form was nominated for the following reasons:

  • Ben – He has quadrupled his weekly Ambition Points total in the last week of term. He is quiet, but has a heart of gold and will do anything for anyone.
  • Connor – A delightful student who is organised, polite, helpful and kind. Connor embodies our core values of ready, respectful and ambitious; this is clearly recognised by his peers, as demonstrated by his landslide victory as our learning for life champion.
  • Luke – A very polite young man. Has offered to help the cleaners on numerous occasions. Comes into the IT room during his spare time to learn about the components of the demonstration computers we have. He enjoys taking them to bits and trying to rebuild them!
  • Rowan – A lovely student who is always polite, helpful and friendly. He has such a positive attitude and is always willing to help others. Rowan enjoys contributing to discussions in tutor time and is always keen to answer questions.
  • James – Has a consistently positive can-do attitude and embodies the school’s ethos of ready, respectful and – in particular – ambitious.
  • Poul – Poul is a very polite student who is always willing to answer questions and get involved in class discussions. Paul has recently been very helpful in integrating a new person into the form.
  • Alex – A polite and positive student. Perhaps not regularly considered ‘top of the class’, he always tries his best and often offers to help by completing tasks such as handing out books. He never puts a foot wrong and is a great role model to others.
  • Sam – A very positive role model – he gets absolutely loads of ambition points! Sam is quiet and considerate and just approaches everything with a brilliant attitude.


On Friday 25th October, Stokesley School hosted a ‘Readathon’ event, whereby teachers read to our students during their lessons throughout the day.

The short story, Lambs to the Slaughter, was split into 6 sections and within the first 10 minutes of each lesson, each section was read aloud by teachers. Students then moved onto their next lesson to hear the next part of the story, culminating in a full story being read to students by the end of the day.

By doing this, students were left in suspense, and they were eager to hear the next part of the story. Between lessons, many students were overheard talking about what might happen next, as each chapter unfolded. Furthermore, many staff commented on how great it was to see students being extremely engaged in reading and it provided a great opportunity for class discussions.

Mr Brown, the initiative organiser said, “We really want our students to read for pleasure, as we know there is a strong link between reading and academic success. By holding the Readathon today, I think we have managed to provide all our students with the opportunity to engage in reading. It was great to see students so excited, and I am pleased we have given them the opportunity to immerse themselves in a good book, with their classroom teachers and peers. We will most definitely consider doing this more often.”

 Overall, the initiative was a great success and was a most enjoyable way to end the half term

Mr Brown.

Annual Prize Giving Event

Stokesley School hosted its annual Prize Giving event on Thursday 24th October 2019. This wonderful evening celebrated the achievements of over fifty students from year seven right through to year thirteen.

Academic success was celebrated via the subject awards nominated by staff including a double nomination for sixth form student Dominic in Further Maths and Physics. However, it is not only students’ academic ability that makes them the pride of Stokesley School; it is also their character which was rightly recognised. A host of endowed trophies were presented for a range of reasons including: sporting achievements; being a ‘good egg’; triumph over adversity and more.


On arrival, guests were treated to a range of mouthwatering canapes which Stokesley School hospitality students had worked all day to produce under the tutelage of Head of Department Mrs Carol-Lyn Murphy.


The evening ceremony itself was hosted by the Head Boy and Head Girl Jack Finch and Isla Park. They lead the whole event and read heartfelt citations from the staff. The highlight of the evening had to be when Isla herself was awarded the Areté Learning Trust Award for ‘Being the Best You Can Be’ by the CEO of the academy trust, Mrs Catherine Brooker. Isla had no idea she was due to receive this award and it therefore came as an emotional surprise.


Presenting the prizes was our guest speaker for the evening Professor Graham Henderson CBE, former Vice-Chancellor of Teesside University, Deputy Lord Lieutenant and a member of the academy trust. He spoke warmly of the students’ achievements and shared his own journey to success through hard work and the seizing of opportunities.


Headteacher Hannah Millett said “This is a truly wonderful event that brings together the whole community: staff, students, parents, carers and invited local guests from organisations such as the Rotary. I am exceedingly proud of our students and the fact that they demonstrate not only aptitude for their subjects, but also kindness, resilience, selflessness and more. We are also incredibly grateful to Professor Henderson CBE for his precious time given voluntarily to our school.”


Photos: Food created by Stokesley School Hospitality students; the trophies and certificates; Dominic and guest speaker Professor Graham Henderson CBE; Head Girl Isla with CEO, Catherine Brooker and guest speaker, Professor Graham Henderson CBE

Pupils at Stokesley now know how to Restart a Heart.

This week the Yorkshire Ambulance service visited Stokesley School to help educate pupils and staff on how to perform CPR in a critical circumstance. Volunteers from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service have been visiting schools across Yorkshire this month to teach this life saving skill to many young people across the county.

The volunteers have been to over 160 schools across Yorkshire, about 850 volunteered from within YAS (Yorkshire Ambulance Service), each of the regional fire services and police forces, hospital staff, university students and the list goes on.

It is anticipated that they will have taught in excess of 40,000 students, which takes the total in Yorkshire to nearly 150,000 trained in the last six years.

“The fact that so many are prepared to invite us in to teach so many young people is truly admirable and remarkable,” says Jason Carlyon, Senior Engagement Lead of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

It must be appreciated as to how huge a task it is to manage the event and it grows each year, but you may be surprised to know that Jason is only supported by 4 other people on the project team. Thankfully,  each of those individuals are fantastic at what they do and ensure that they manage to pull off the seemingly impossible each year.

In January, the Government announcement that CPR and other first aid skills will be added to the national curriculum in England from 2020. With staff receiving more advanced training, the school is well positioned to start that introduction of the training to future pupils coming to the school.

Jason also added: “I must say that the feedback I have had from the volunteers already is that they really enjoyed visiting your school, they were made to feel very welcome and looked after.”

“Your students were well behaved and engaged/enthusiastic. The social media activity has been great to see also, it really helps get the message out and profile raised.”

Everyone in the school really enjoyed the course, and it was a very engaging and interactive for the students to participate in. It will definitely set up students and staff for life, and hopefully at some point in the future they can even save someone’s life themselves.


Hot Chocolate Friday 25 October 2019

This week it was back to our fabulous Y7s again on Hot chocolate Friday. One person from each form was nominated for the following reasons:

  • Hassan – who is always helpful and organised. He also helps others in the form. He is doing well in lessons, tries really hard in form and is very independent around school.
  • Holly – for being always willing to help people, and for getting her excellent competition entry in for the Rotary Artist Competition so quickly.
  • Zoe – for receiving outstanding feedback on her help in Maths during the recent Open Day. She is also a very polite and friendly member of the form who is always willing to help.
  • Alex – for always being ready, respectful and ambitious, and for going about his business with the minimum of fuss!
  • Charlotte – for being extremely polite: she is always the first person at the door on a morning with a smile and a “hello”. She always has her equipment out and ready immediately and has shown excellent resilience for tasks that she has found difficult.
  • Jack – for fantastic ambition resulting in much better organisation and a form record for ambition points this week. Also, for his mature and open attitude to making friends, supporting and working with others in form.
  • Timmie – for really trying hard to be a great ambassador for the school. He sent a letter of thanks to the teachers for organising the geography trip and was superb during Open Evening.
  • Thomas – for supporting the school by providing vouchers to the P.E department for equipment. This shows that he is taking an active role in the school community.

Geography: Successful Regeneration of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Last week, the year 10 GCSE geographers spent a day in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne collecting data for the fieldwork element of their course and also visiting some key locations in the city which we have been studying in lessons.  Students were undertaking environmental quality surveys, questionnaires and pedestrian counts in and around the quayside area to try and establish if the regeneration which has taken place there has been successful or not.  After a lunch break in the city centre, we then visited China Town, Science City, Jesmond and Byker to get a real feel for the character of the city.
We were lucky to have fine and dry weather on both days we were out which was much appreciated by students and staff alike!

Further Education Careers Fair

Thursday 24th October 2019

An extremely busy and productive morning for Stokesley School Students in years 10 & 11, a ‘Further Education Careers Fair’ was hosted in the Main Hall. 

Students were prepared in advance to meet with our own Sixth Form representatives and others from local Further Education Colleges, promoting vocational training programmes in a huge variety of sectors. Students also had the opportunity to find out about Apprenticeship Training Opportunities in specific sectors and to meet with some local and National Employers. 

Students were encouraged to gather valuable information which will enable them to make an informed decision about their future studies and career paths. 

Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, providers have praised Stokesley School Students for their focus and maturity and their ability to question exhibitors in depth about opportunities available to them when leaving school and also where these opportunities might lead them in the future. 

All students left the event with lots of information to take home and discuss with family and friends.  

A huge thank you to all our supporters and Business Links who have made this event such a success. This event is part of a comprehensive careers programme in school which including activities, events and visits involving students in all year groups. 

If you are a local business, training provider, professional or even school Alumni and would like to engage with Stokesley School CEIAG programme, please get in touch. 

Mrs J Harrison-Henry, Careers Leader.

Hot Chocolate Friday 18 October 2019

This week we made it round to our Y11s for the first time on Hot chocolate Friday. One person from each form was nominated for the following reasons:

  • Joseph – a good role model to other students in the form through the manners he shows and the maturity with which he conducts himself. He is able to articulate his points and opinions in Learning for Life and other tutor scenarios with balance and consideration. He always uses time in form wisely, producing revision resources for a variety of subjects. He is focussed on what he needs to do to achieve in year 11 to enable him to move onto the next chapter of his life.
  • Archie – has made a positive and productive start to year 11. He is one of those pupils who perhaps doesn’t call attention to himself, but keeps working hard in the background. He is a positive and thoughtful member of the form who always has something interesting to say and to add to discussions!
  • Hannah – has had a brilliant start to year 11. She makes good contributions in form time, and is doing well in lessons across the school. She has asked for additional support and guidance where she feels that she needs it and is also top of the leader board for GCSE pod showing a really good attitude to independent work.
  • Amber – is well organised and makes the most of any spare time in Tutor Time to revise for her upcoming exams.
  • Chloe – has made extra-curricular contributions to school (most recently singing under the atrium at open evening) and shown great resilience and ambition under difficult personal circumstances.
  • Elliot – is always polite well mannered, organised and shows willingness to help, whatever the task.
  • Grace – can go under the radar due to be quiet and unassuming. She is one of those students who is working hard all the time. She is pro-active in tutor time, utilising every opportunity to revise and consolidate learning. She is also an advocate for mental wellbeing showing her table how drawing/colouring can give them respite from the challenges of year 11.
  • Ruby – has started the year fantastically, achieving a weekend placement at Art College and creating the winning logo for the Stokesley Climate Action group. She is ambitious in both lessons and in form time, and she is a delight to have in the tutor group.

The National Apprenticeship Show at Harrogate Exhibition Centre

Tuesday 8th October 2019

Stokesley School Students in years 10 & 11 visited ‘The National Apprenticeship Show’ at Harrogate, to investigate Apprenticeship Training opportunities available to them upon leaving school and beyond.

The event was bustling with activity, packed with loads of interactive stands from Employers and Training Providers from almost every sector of Employment.  Students were able to ‘have a go’ at a vast variety of tasks associated with specific job roles, from laying tables and pulling pints, to avoiding land mines and horse riding!

Students collected a large amount of information about Apprenticeship Opportunities and felt that they discovered possibilities which they had never realised existed before. One student commented “We had decided to go along and see what was on offer, but never expected there to be so much choice, there is an apprenticeship opportunity for almost anything you can think of doing for a career and it’s really exciting!”
Year 11 Students are about to start making applications for their transition into Further Education, so need to consider all their options. A visit to the National Apprenticeship Show at Harrogate has hopefully given them more to think about and discuss with friends and family.

Stokesley School is holding a ‘Further Education Careers Fair’ during the school day on October 24th , all students in both years 10 and 11 will have the opportunity to visit and talk face to face with a large range of Employers and Training Providers, including Stokesley School Sixth Form.

Bring it On! The North East Exhibition for Future Engineers

– at Sunderland Stadium of Light on Thursday October 10th  2019.

Bring it On! Is a fascinating, interactive experience designed to inspire and educate students about the various sectors within Engineering and the career possibilities available to them for the future.

A group of 15 enthusiastic students from years 7,8 & 9 were kept busy with activities within zones focussing on civil and structural engineering; subsea oil and gas and renewable energy; chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical; automotive, rail and aerospace; and creative and digital technologies.

We were also lucky to be treated to a presentation from Andy Aldrin, son of Buzz who famously was the second man to walk on the moon, during the Apollo 11 Mission.

Students commented that ‘this is one ‘educational’ visit which was over too quickly!’

Bring it On! Started in 2017 and our students have participated each year, it is so popular that we have already provisionally booked for our students to visit again in 2020!