Information, Advice and Guidance

IAG is delivered in Tutorial time, using a blend of taught lessons in vertical groupings, age group specific sessions, one-to-one mentoring from Sixth Form Co-tutors, and one-to-one discussions with Tutors. The programme is designed to enable all students to have access to personalised information, advice and guidance, to ensure that they are well informed and supported in making the key decisions and plans for their learning and future. The programme is enhanced by enrichment days that offer extended opportunities for students to focus on work related learning, enterprise, and decision-making activities, in partnership with external providers and local businesses. In addition to experiences in school, students are also offered the opportunity to complete work experience, and to sample tasters of courses which may be of interest to them in the future.

The school programme is complemented by input from careers guidance services. This takes the form of individual consultations, action planning and workshops for students, and additional information and advice for parents.

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Parent quote:

“We would like to express our thanks to Stokesley School. Our son graduated as a veterinary surgeon this year and has taken up his first post. Stokesley offered him an all round educational experience and he thrived under your guidance . We don’t believe for one moment that he was always the ideal pupil but you motivated him, kept him on track and enjoyed the educational experience.”