Home – School Agreement

Students, parents and staff all agree that we will work together to ensure that we live up to our aim of “being the best we can be” and that we support one another in our aim to be ambitious, ready and respectful in all that we do.

As a school we will do our best to ensure that we:

  • set work that is interesting and enables students to be ambitious
  • communicate regularly about students’ progress and wellbeing
  • manage behaviour to support a positive community spirit and climate for learning
  • contact parents promptly if there are any concerns
  • provide opportunities for all students to develop their skills and talents and to discover new ones throughout their time in school

Signed by                                                                                     …. (Form Tutor, on behalf of the school)


As a student of Stokesley School I will do my best to: 

  • always wear my full school uniform
  • be ambitious and to try hard, aiming to be the best that I can be
  • behave in a manner that promotes respect, safety and the ability to learn
  • bring a bag containing all of the equipment and books I need for lessons
  • complete all work (both in school and at home) and meet deadlines set by staff
  • always tell a teacher if I have a concern about myself or other students


Signed by                                                                                     …. (Student)


As a parents/guardians of a student at Stokesley School we will do our best to:

  • ensure our child attends school regularly
  • ensure our child wears the full correct uniform and brings a bag containing the correct equipment to school every day
  • contact school promptly if we have any concerns
  • encourage our child to be ambitious, and to take up opportunities to develop wider talents
  • uphold the school’s Behaviour for Learning policy, reinforcing the core values: ambitious, ready, respectful.


Signed by                                                                                     …. Parent/ Guardian



Download the Home School Agreement PDF (722Kb)