Bad Weather Procedures

When it snows…

On rare occasions, particularly in winter, the weather can be so severe that getting to and from school becomes hazardous. It is also possible that the weather deteriorates during the course of the day that it is necessary to enable students to leave the premises a little early in order to do so more safely.

We are aware that bad weather by its nature is disruptive and can cause anxiety. Please be aware that if many parents ring the school it can be difficult to answer the calls as the lines can quickly become jammed. Therefore any action due to poor weather will be posted immediately on our website.

Decisions about closing the school or sending pupils home early will not be taken lightly, we will endeavour to open the school when it is practicable to be able to do so. We will check weather reports, get advice from the bus companies, and try to assess what is happening elsewhere in the country. Some buses may not be available; operators have to decide whether running vehicles on particular routes in snow and ice is too high a risk. Drivers are rarely available at times other than scheduled school runs. This is why schools often take their lead from the bus companies when deciding what to do.

Here is our advice to you on what to do:

If there is severe weather overnight

If the school has to be closed, a message will be read out on the radio, please do not try to contact the radio station directly it is unlikely that they will be able to respond.

Closure will also be communicated by our website and through our official twitter account @stokesleyNYCC.

If any students arrives at school unaware of the closure a member of staff will be there to help. Pupils may phone parents without charge to decide whether they should return home or wait to be collected.

If the weather deteriorates during the day

How parents can help…

Check the website/ twitter for information communicated by the school.
Assume school is open if the radio/ website/ twitter does not announce otherwise.
Plan ahead with your child what to do in a bad weather emergency.
Only call the school in bad weather if you really have to – calls in prevent calls out!
Advice to students for extreme weather conditions
If you arrive by 8.30am go straight to the Cyber Cafe.