When Stokesley School became the founding academy of Arete Learning Trust in April 2015, some of the old Governing Body’s roles became the responsibility of the Trust Directors, while other roles were delegated to the Stokesley School Local Governing Body (LGB).

The LGB is a smaller group than the old Governing Body, but its core purpose remains one of support and challenge to the Head and the senior leadership team: ensuring that all the young people in the school continue to have many opportunities to be the best they can be. LGB members bring a range of skills and experience from many walks of life; many of us are also parents of current students (at any time, at least two governors will be elected parent governors); school staff are also represented at the table; and a few of us also serve as Trust Directors.

The LGB meets monthly to review and monitor the progress of the school, and takes an interest in all matters that affect teaching, learning and the wider school environment. In the face of rapid and continuous change in the world of education, we hold the professional leadership of the school to account, while giving our time to be supportive in many different areas of school life. We are also responsible for the regular review of a wide range of school policies and activities. Naturally, we aim to be the best governing body we can be: welcoming interest from those who might wish to offer their skills; and happy to receive comments and questions (via the school) about our work.

School Governor BodyTrust Directors, Members & Contact Details

School Governing Body

Miss K. Mitchell Chair of the LGB

NameCategoryTerm Date
Mr R. BakerParent Governor18/03/22
Mr S. BrennanGovernor17/10/21
Dr L. CornwallGovernor18/03/22
Mrs S. DrummStaff Governor11/12/21
Mrs H. MillettEx OfficioContinuing
Miss K. MitchellGovernor14/01/23
Mrs J. PernetGovernor14/10/22
Mrs S. ThorogoodGovernor06/09/21
Mrs S. HagueClerk to the GovernorsN/A

Register of Business Interests

Date of Publication
April 2019 Stokesley LGB Register of Business Interests (393Kb)

Areté Learning Trust Scheme of Delegation

Date of Publication
Areté Learning Trust Scheme of Delegation_v6.1 (749Kb)


Governors Profiles

Stewart Brennan – Parent Governor
I am a chartered engineer and have spent much of my career in project management of capital projects in the chemical industry. I have always had an interest in engineering and thanks to the support and guidance of some inspirational teachers I was the first of my family to go to university. I was fortunate enough to receive an excellent state education and to have found interesting and rewarding work throughout my life. I hope use my experience to become a supporting influence in helping Stokesley school students find their way to success in whatever their chosen path.

I am a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and sit on the North East Petrochemical Industries Cluster leadership team. I own and run a Stokesley based business, we manage large engineering projects. Since May 2015 I am also Stokesley Parish Councillor.

I was elected as parent governor in October 2013. My daughter is student at the school and my son will be along in a couple of years. Stokesley is home to us and I am proud to be part of the local community here and to serve as school governor. I am the school’s link governor for both science and careers. I am also vice Chair of the Areté Learning Trust.

Sophie Drumm – Staff Governor
I have been a foreign languages teacher for 25 years and have always been interested in education and developments in pedagogy in the UK but also on the wider international scene. My daughters attended Stokesley School and Sixth Form and were extremely grateful to have thrived there both academically and socially.

I aim to bring current experience of teaching and learning at Stokesley School into Governors’ meetings and to provide the experience of a professional as well as an understanding of the issues facing our students and staff. A very rewarding part of the role is also to celebrate the many students and school’s successes and I am proud to serve a very active, reflective and committed team of governors to ensure all our students experience a quality educational provision and can make the most of the opportunities our school offers.

Sarah Thorogood – Governor
I have been a governor since 2010. I live in Great Ayton and have two sons who both went to Stokesley School. I was a Modern Languages teacher at a nearby secondary school for 14 years and now work at Stokesley & District Community Care Organisation as the Community Visiting Co-ordinator. I spend a lot of my spare time walking our chocolate labrador or at Great Ayton Cricket & Football Club.

I act as Link Governor to PE, Modern Foreign Languages and Maths and believe that there is more to being an excellent school than just academic achievement. I want to help to ensure that all pupils are able to develop fully and are equipped with both the skills and knowledge they will need in order to achieve their potential.

Lenny Cornwall – Governor
I have lived in Stokesley since 2000, when I started working as a consultant psychiatrist with the local Mental Health NHS Trust.  I have since been the Director of Medical Education for the Trust and am currently Deputy Medical Director.  I also have national responsibilities in the Royal College of Psychiatrists.  I come from the South West but moved to the North East to study medicine at Newcastle University.  With my background in medical education, I am particularly interested in how the school improves teaching quality through staff training and development.  My oldest son is about to leave school, but I have twins with a few years to go yet.

Richard Barker – Parent Governor
As a Chemical Engineer I have worked in the local chemical industry for over 25 years; most of that time in operations / plant management working to create safer, more productive and efficient facilities – with responsibilities for staff performance management, recruitment and budgets.

I have supported many student placements and apprenticeships in recent years and found these to be rewarding opportunities for both students and as an employer.  I hope to be able to use my general management experience to help support and contribute to Stokesley School and the governing board.

Myself and my family very much enjoy living in Stokesley with both children attending Stokesley School, which we see as a key part of our local community with a good reputation.

I enjoy cycling and mountaineering in my spare time.


Minutes of Meetings

Date of Publication
04-Dec-2018 LGB Minutes (672Kb)
13-Nov-2018 LGB Minutes (366Kb)
02-Oct-2018 LGB Minutes (685Kb)
10-July-2018 LGB Minutes (685Kb)
15-May-2018 LGB Minutes (1.57Mb)
13-Mar-2018 LGB Minutes (225Kb)
06-Feb-2018 LGB Minutes (1.4Mb)
12-Dec-2017 LGB Minutes (1.3Mb)
23-Nov-2017-LGB Minutes (72Kb)
10-Oct-2017-LGB Minutes (172Kb)
14-Sept-2017-LGB Minutes (82Kb)
12-July-2017-LGB Minutes (712Kb)
17-Jun-2017-LGB Minutes (97Kb)
05-Jun-2017-LGB Minutes (446Kb)
08-Feb-2017-LGB Minutes (635Kb)
18-Oct-2016-LGB Minutes (138Kb)
21-Sept-2016 LGB Minutes (509Kb)
13-July-2016 LGB Minutes (490Kb)
27-Apr-2016 LGB Minutes (475kb)
23-Mar-2016 LGB Minutes (501kb)
24-Feb-2016 LGB Minutes (503Kb)
27-Jan-2016 LGB Minutes (493Kb)
25-Nov-2015 LGB Minutes (113Kb)
19-Oct-2015 LGB Minutes (1.6Mb)
23-Sept-2015 LGB Minutes (1.7Mb)
08-July-2015 LGB Minutes (1.4Mb)
06-May-2015 LGB Minutes (217Kb)
25-Feb-2015 GB Minutes Extraord Meeting (287Kb)
05-Nov-2014 GB Minutes (308Kb)
10-Oct-2014 GB Minutes (299Kb)
10-July-2014 GB Minutes-Extraord-Meeting (223Kb)
02-July-2014 GB Minutes (408Kb)
19-Mar-2014 GB Minutes (452Kb)
17-Sept-2013 GB Minutes (188Kb)
18-Dec-2013 GB Minutes (240Kb)

Quick Summary: Areté Learning Trust

First Name SurnameCategoryTermTel. NoEmail
CatherineBrookerAccounting OfficerContinuing01642
HelenWisemanChief Financial Officer (Interim, pending imminent appointment of permanent post-holder as Finance Director)Continuing01642
StewartBrennanChair of Trustees, Resources, Personnel and Estates Committee01/04/1901642
MarkFosterChair of Audit Committee01/04/1901642


ALT Directors and Members 

First Name SurnameCategoryTermTel. NoEmail
01642 710050
Chair of Trustees, & Director
01642 710050
01642 710050
01642 710050
Revd. Paul
Director &
01642 710050
01642 710050
01642 710050