Pastoral System

At Stokesley School, we support our students pastorally in a number of different ways.

Firstly, each child is a member of a tutor group and the tutor is their first port of call for any queries, concerns or issues. Parents are encouraged to build a relationship with their child’s tutor too. Tutor time is used to ensure students are ready for the day ahead as well as to deliver age-appropriate materials linked to their personal, social and health education.

Secondly, tutor groups are overseen by a Head of Year who is the lead for student rewards, sanctions, attendance, competitions, tutor time provision, key events and engagement within their year group. Our Heads of Year for September 2019 are:

· Head of Year 7: Mrs Metcalfe

· Head of Year 8: Mrs Brosnan

· Head of Year 9: Mr Wilson

· Head of Year 10: Mr Hamer

· Head of Year 11: Mrs Bailey

In addition to Heads of Year, we also have a Head of Pastoral Intervention, Mrs Wilkinson, who oversees the work of our dedicated Ethos Team (non-teaching pastoral staff) which includes Mrs Boal, Health and Wellbeing Manager, as well as Mrs Hasson, Mr Morris, Mrs Henderson and Mr Trollope. Our Ethos Team are trained in a range of mental health issues and are dedicated to supporting our students to be the best they can be and ensure they are fully engaged with the life of the school.

The pastoral system including attendance and behaviour are overseen by Mr Burns, Assistant Headteacher (Engagement & Wellbeing).

Not only do we place a high value on traditional education, we also invest heavily in developing the whole child and helping them to be responsible and thoughtful citizens.