Examinations Information


Examinations start on Monday 13 May and continue through to Monday 17 June for GCSE’s and Tuesday 25 June for A Levels.  These dates are scheduled nationally by the awarding bodies and cannot be changed for a candidate, regardless of the personal circumstance.

However. there is an extra date added to the exam timetable for 2019.

The JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) who provide a single voice between the awarding bodies on issues of examination administration have allocated a ‘Contingency Day’ for examinations.  They have done this in light of any national or local disruption such as recent events like the Manchester Bombing and Westminster Attack.

Contingency Day will be Wednesday 26 June 2019.  Students MUST be available to attend school until this day should an awarding body need to invoke its contingency plan.

https://www.jcq.org.uk/exams-office/ice—instructions-for-conducting-examinations  (pg. 30)

Students’ progress is closely monitored and regularly reported to parents through the MyChildAtSchool (MCAS) portal. Every effort is made to ensure that students are able to achieve their best possible grades.

Public examinations can be a stressful time for students, parents carers so it is important that all those involved are as well informed as possible. Well informed students understand that the rules and regulations are designed to ensure fairness and minimise disturbance: it is in the interest of all that the examinations run smoothly.

The school makes every effort to ensure that students receive the best possible preparation for their examinations; that the administrative arrangements run smoothly; and that the examinations are conducted in a way that causes as little stress as possible, so that students achieve their best potential. Mock examinations are organised to the same high standards and rules as the public examinations, in order to familiarise the students with the process.

If you have any questions please feel free to make enquiries of the Examinations Officer. The telephone number and email are below.

Telephone: 01642 710050
E-mail: d.adams@stokesleyschool.org

On examination days it is best to contact the school reception on 01642 710050 and leave a message for the Examinations Officer, since the main priority will be starting examination sessions on time.


Who is responsible for the examinations?

The Examinations Officer is responsible for administering all public examination arrangements and for overseeing students during examinations, under direct responsibility from the Head of Centre, the Headteacher.

There is a team of adult invigilators who are present during the examinations and who are supervised by the Examination Officer.

The Awarding Bodies or Examination Boards set down strict criteria, which must be followed during examinations: the school is required to follow them precisely.

Who is entered for public examinations?

It is school policy to enter every student, who is being taught a subject, for the most appropriate level of examination. Only by exception, after consultation with parents and carers, and with the written consent of the headteacher, will students not be entered.

Dates of examinations

Dates for examinations are rigidly fixed by the Examination Boards and are subject to change by them until close to the time that students start study leave. The Examinations Officer will, therefore, not give actual dates for exams to parents/carers or students, in advance, who wish to book holidays. Parents/carers are reminded that they require the Headteacher’s permission to take students out of school. It is against school policy to take holidays in term time.

How should fees be paid?

Where students are requesting a chargeable service, for example a resit fee, it has to be made by Parentpay. Instructions of how to pay in this way are on the letter about resits available from Ms Adams, in the examinations office.

What do I do if my child is unwell at the time of one of the examinations?

Please telephone the school if the student will not be attending an examination or if he/she will be present but is unwell. It is helpful for the invigilator to be made aware that a candidate is not feeling well.

Please be aware that medical certificates must be accompanied by a note detailing the examinations to which it refers and the date on which the papers were scheduled. We cannot guarantee, otherwise, that all relevant examinations will be covered

There is a standard JCQ form (JCQ/ME Form 14) available from the Examination’s Officer for self-certification for a missed examination. This can be countersigned by your doctor/nurse or surgery receptionist.

What do students do who finish early?

Students should use all of the available time completing their examination and checking their work thoroughly. Candidates are not permitted to leave before the end of the examination. They must sit silently at their desk so as not to disturb other candidates.

When and how are the results distributed?

GCE and GCSE results are available from school in August of the relevant school year.
A Level – 15th August 2019 
GCSE – 22nd August 2019

Students wishing for a relative or friend to collect their results must send a signed letter of authorisation with the collector. Results will not be given over the telephone under any circumstances.

A-level and GCSE students not intending to collect in person, but wishing their results to be posted, should leave a stamped addressed envelope (also bearing their unique number), with the examinations officer or at the school reception. Result slips for A-level and GCSE not collected or posted on results day will be retained in school for collection at the start of term, again with the necessary authority.

What can I do if results are substantially different from what is anticipated?

It must be remembered that examinations can only measure performance on the day, and that candidates can do better or worse than anticipated for a variety of reasons. It is advisable to obtain a copy of the script and mark scheme before proceeding to an EAR (enquiry about result), which is very expensive. If there are serious grounds for concern about a result then the school can initiate an enquiry with the appropriate board. Details of the procedures and the fees involved are available from the Examinations Officer and the process should be started as soon as possible after consultation with the head of department concerned. The final date for submission to the board is 20th September for summer exams and 4 weeks after results for others.