Computer Studies / ICT

Staff List

Mr N. WeedyN.Weedy@stokesleyschool.org01642 718546
Mrs S. Metcalfes.metcalfe@stokesleyschool.org01642 718546
Miss S. Dinsleys.dinsley@stokesleyschool.org01642 718546

Course Content

We follow the OCR GCSE Computing course. The emphasis of this course is on computational thinking rather than just how computers work. Students sit a written exam, worth 60% of the final course, and two pieces of coursework worth 20% each.

The written exam is based on the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of computer systems
  • Computer hardware
  • Software
  • Representation of data
  • Databases
  • Computer communication and networking
  • Programming Coursework task 1 (Starting mid-October)

An investigation on a particular issue related to computing, e.g. the use of a particular application or model. We spend at least 20 hours of class time (controlled assessment) completing this.
Coursework task 2 (Starting mid-January)

Completing a series of programming tasks. We have chosen to use Python as our language as it is easy to learn yet very powerful. Again, at least 20 hours of class time is devoted to this (controlled assessment).
For more information about the course look on the OCR GCSE Computing website.


After each of the topics above students sit an end of topic test. Some topics are longer than others but on average they sit one about every three weeks. The results of these, along with any homework tasks set, are used to monitor progress.

Independent Learning

We have a range of quality learning materials on The Learning Zone of our ILE, both made by us and from other sources. These include powerpoints, worksheets, revision guides and videos. Any student wishing to look ahead or reinforce what they have covered in class has a range of options to choose from.

How parents can help

Students must have access to a computer at home with a good internet connection. It would be convenient if they were to have full administration rights. Although specific guidance may not be given regarding the coursework tasks, you may discuss these and offer some ideas.