Staff List

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Course Content

In KS3 we aim to encourage our students to be inquisitive about people and places and their role within the local area, country and the wider world.
We want our students to understand the impacts of their decisions and the importance of living in a sustainable way in an increasingly fragile environment.

In Geography, students  consider how they can contribute to making the world:

  • A fairer place
  • A more prosperous place
  • A safer place
  • A healthier place
  • A biodiverse place

Students develop a wide range of skills, such as decision making, communication, organisation, teamwork, critical evaluation, problem solving and the use of technology to aid their learning and understanding of geography.
On completing KS3, students will have developed the necessary knowledge and understanding to progress onto GCSE and A Level where they will examine geographical concepts in greater depth.


We use a range of assessment methods from individual research tasks, group based activities where reports, essays or presentations are produced and end of topic tests. We also carry out fieldwork investigations to collect data and develop geographical skills. Students are encouraged to reflect on their work and progress through peer- and self- assessment as well as regular verbal and written feedback.

Independent Learning 

Students are given a mixture of short and extended homework tasks based on the topic they are investigating. Qualities which will help them achieve success in these tasks include;

  • Being inquisitive about the world we live in and having an awareness of current affairs
  • Asking geographical questions
  • Carrying out independent research (not just copy and paste)
  • Using key geographical terminology
  • Challenging themselves and taking risks with work

How parents can help

  • Ask students about what they studying in Geography at the moment
  • Encourage them to watch the news, appropriate documentaries and discuss current affairs
  • When visiting locations discuss the geography that they can observe
  • Testing students on key terms (spelt correctly) and case study information
  • Check their planners making sure they have completed homework on time and to a high quality