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We offer GCSE Dual and Triple Awards. These options allow us to develop individual learning routes for every student. Each route enables us to stimulate and engage students in a way that suits them whilst maximising their future opportunities to progress in to employment or further education.

Staff List

Mr D. Jeald.jeal@stokesleyschool.org01642 710050
Mrs J. Baileyj.bailey@stokesleyschool.org01642 710050
Miss S. Griffithss.griffiths@stokesleyschool.org01642 710050
Miss L. Dewingsl.dewings@stokesleyschool.org01642 710050
Miss A. Duranta.durant@stokesleyschool.org01642 710050
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Mrs K. Harkink.harkin@stokesleyschool.org01642 710050
Mrs J. Jealj.jeal@stokesleyschool.org01642 710050
Mrs C. Tweddlec.tweddle@stokesleyschool.org01642 710050

KS3 Assessment

In science we carry out assessments in a variety of ways:

  • End of topic tests
  • Year 7 entry test
  • End of Year 8 test
  • End of Key Stage 3 test
  • Self/peer and teacher assessment

There are also extended project based homeworks which give students the opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate high levels of Attitude to Learning
  • Use and practice key research skills
  • Demonstrate creativity
  • Extend broader scientific knowledge

All of the above help inform and recommend setting of students where appropriate.

KS4 Assessment

In science we carry out assessments in a variety of ways:

  • Mid unit tests
  • Mock exams in Year 10 and 11
  • Investigative Skills Assessment (ISAs)
  • Self/peer and teacher assessment All of the above help inform and recommend setting of students where appropriate.

Independent Learning

At Key Stage 3, every child is encouraged to become an independent learner.

This is promoted within lessons through extended projects, background reading and students acting upon the feedback their teachers provide.

Outside of lessons students continue to develop their independence through their ongoing revision using revision guides, through regular homework and the use of the Learning Zone on the ILE.

At Key Stage 4 students are expected to take increasing responsibility for their learning. Students are encouraged to develop their independence through carrying out research homeworks and developing an enquiring mind by reading around the subject and seeking help whenever unsure.

During lessons students are given the opportunity to sample both higher tier and foundation tier work to help inform  exam entry decisions.

Exam support is through staffed drop in/workshop sessions held prior to exams. These allow students to come for as long as is necessary and to address their own specific learning needs.

There are a plethora of GCSE revision resources easily accessed on the school website. Students are continually encouraged to act upon the feedback they receive from their subject teachers.

How parents can help

In Science, parents and carers can support their children in the following ways:

  • On the ILE (Interactive Learning Environment), in the Science section, there are specific exercises to support learning in lessons and revision at home for assessments. accessible through The Learning Zone. A drop-down menu for each of Years 7, 8 & 9 provides information on each individual topic being studied and a variety of useful resources and activities which are available. The GCSE section has a drop-down menu listing individual topics. These contain a variety of useful resources, links  and activities as well as past papers.
  • If your child has access to the internet, then there is a useful website with a wide variety of resources called SAM Learning
  • Children are encouraged to read the comments made in their exercise books and respond to any questions they have been asked or tasks to complete. Please support us in this valuable aspect of learning and discuss any matters that arise
  • Feel free to contact your child’s subject teacher to ask for support, raise any questions or ask for advice in supporting their learning of Science. Each member of staff has their own email address or can telephone the school and arrange a chat or visit.
  • We ask pupils to discuss their progress reports, levels and other results to encourage them to take responsibility for their progress and learning. This always works best when parents and carers are involved in the process • Homework supports classroom learning. Please ask your child to involve you in checking their work and help them with organising their time to meet deadlines.
  • We make revision guides available for purchase at a discounted price, which many students find useful, especially when a test date has been given.
  • In the Science department, teachers make themselves available in ‘drop-in’ sessions where students can go for specific support with any concepts that they are struggling with. These take place throughout the year, but for GCSE, there are more after Easter in the lead up to exams. Dates are published around the school and students are provided with these dates, well in advance.