Learning Zone Login

FROG-ILEFrog is the School’s Integrated Learning Environment (ILE).

Accessible from any corner of the world with an Internet connection; our ILE is the place where you can keep track of school events, PTA reports and school notices.  In addition, each subject has its own departmental website for inspiration, revision materials, details about assessments and other information to help you support your child at school.

Pupils: to login to the ILE, you just need your network login details. If you have problems accessing the ILE, please send a quick email to ile@stokesleyschool.org

Parents: please contact ile@stokesleyschool.org if you have not yet signed up for access to our Learning Zone or MCAS, providing them with your full name, address and pupils for whom you have parental responsibility.

>> Click here to login to the ILE