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Copies of letters sent by the School to parents by email or hard copy.

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Title:Date:From:To:Download Link
SIMS Parent App24.01.2020Mr McGrealAll parentsDownload
End of Term Letter13.12.2019Mrs MillettAll parentsDownload
Attendance and Rewards27.11.2019Mr BurnsAll parentsDownload
Y11 Subject Parents Evening19.11.2019Mrs DarbyshireY11 parents Download
Creative Careers Evening 15.11.2019Mrs Harrison-HenryAll parents Download
Parental Drug Awareness Evening14.11.2019Mr BurnsAll parentsDownload
Parental Drug Awareness Evening Poster14.11.2019Mr BurnsAll parents Download
Y10 Bewerley Park Residential 12.11.2019Mr JonesY10 parentsDownload
Join our PTA11.11.2019Mrs MillettAll parentsDownload
You Only Live Once - Theatre performance for Y9 06.11.2019Mr SimpsonY9 parentsDownload
Open Learning Centre Book Fair05.11.2019Mrs RobertsAll ParentsDownload
Engagement and Wellbeing25.10.2019Mr BrownAll ParentsDownload
Y11 Parental Support Evening - Letter for attendee's 25.10.2019Mrs Darbyshire Y11 Parents Download
Y11 Parental Support Evening - Letter for non-attendees 25.10.2019Mrs DarbyshireY11 ParentsDownload
Y11 Parental Support Evening - Booklet25.10.2019Mrs DarbyshireY11 ParentsDownload
Y11 Parental Support Evening - Opening Presentation 25.10.2019Mrs DarbyshireY11 ParentsDownload
Y11 Parental Support Evening - General Revision presentation25.10.2019Mrs DarbyshireY11 Parents Download
Y11 Parental Support Evening - English presentation25.10.2019Mrs Darbyshire Y11 Parents Download
Y11 Parental Support Evening - Mathematics presentation25.10.2019Mrs DarbyshireY11 ParentsDownload
Y11 Parental Support Evening - Science presentation25.10.2019Mrs DarbyshireY11 ParentsDownload
Readathon23.10.2019Mr BrownY7-11 parentsDownload
How we will communicate with parents23.10.2019Mrs MillettAll parents Download
2019/2020 Parent Election for Governing Body23.10.2019Mrs BrookerAll parents Download
ALT Terms of Reference - LGB23.10.2019Mrs BrookerAll parents Download
Y9 Middlesbrough Fieldwork letter21.10.2019Mr JonesY9 ParentsDownload
PTA AGM Letter18.10.2019Mrs WisemanAll ParentsDownload
Letter from Chief Executive Officer16.10.2019Mrs BrookerAll parentsDownload
Request to support Stokesley Business Links and Alumni Network16.10.2019Mrs Harrison-HenryAll parentsDownload
Y7 Social media letter15.10.2019Mrs MetcalfeY7 parentsDownload
Y12 / 13 History Revision Guide11.10.2019Miss ColemanY12 / 13 parentsDownload
Y11 History Workbook / Revision Guide11.10.2019Miss ColemanY11 parentsDownload
A Level History Lecture Trip to Manchester11.10.2019Miss ColemanY12 and Y13 parentsDownload
A Level Biology Field Trip - Crandale10.10.2019Mrs TweddleY12 parentsDownload
Y10 Tassomai Learning Platform03.10.2019Mrs TelfordY10 parentsDownload
Y11 Parental Support Evening - Passport to Success01.10.2019Mrs DarbyshireY11 parentsDownload
Read and Write Software letter30.09.2019Mrs McGrealAll parentsDownload
Read and Write Installation Instructions30.09.2019Mrs McGrealAll parentsDownload
Read and Write Quick Reference30.09.2019Mrs McGrealAll parentsDownload
Y10 GCSE Geography Newcastle Fieldwork30.09.2019Mr JonesY10 GCSE Geography parentsDownload
SIMS Parent App27.09.2019Mr McGrealAll parentsDownload
YOLO warning to parents25.09.2019Mr BurnsAll parentsDownload
Y8 Restart a Heart19.09.2019Mrs BoalY8 ParentsDownload
Y7 Eston Moor Trip16.09.2019Mr Jones and Mrs MetcalfeY7 ParentsDownload
Y7 Theatre Production16.09.2019Mr SimpsonY7 parentsDownload
Meet the Senior Team13.09.2019Mrs MillettAll parentsDownload
Sixth Form Bistro11.09.2019Mrs KnapperY12 and 13 parentsDownload
Safety Review of Student Access and Safeguarding Protocols11.09.2019Mrs MillettAll parentsDownload
Y10 Triple Science Revision guide11.09.2019Mr JealY10 parentsDownload
Y10 Combined Science Revision guide11.09.2019Mr JealY10 parentsDownload
Changes to Mathematics Faculty11.09.2019Mr AlcockAll parentsDownload
Y9 GCSE English Text Books10.09.2019Mr OuthwaiteAll Y9 parentsDownload
Message from Mrs Brooker CEO, Arete Learning Trust05.09.2019Mrs BrookerAll parents Download
Welcome back letter04.09.2019Mrs MillettAll parents Download
The Duke of Edinburgh's Award - interest letter16.07.2019Mrs BrosnanAll 2019/2020 Y10, 11 and 12 parentsDownload
A Level Mathematics Text Book16.07.2019Mr AlcockA Level Mathematics Students Download
16.07.2019 Wildlife Club Trip letter09.07.2019Mr BlythWildlife Club ParentsDownload
15.07.2019 trip day - staying in school letter04.07.2019Mr BrownDownload
15.07.2019 Attendance trip confirmation letter04.07.2019Mr BrownDownload
Battlefields trip additional meeting letter02.07.2019Miss ColemanDownload
Battlefields additional information 02.07.2019Miss ColemanDownload
Change to behaviour policy for Sept 201902.07.2019Mrs MillettAll parentsDownload
HPV Immunisations27.06.2019Mrs Boal All Year 7 parents Download
Bus route 58727.06.2019Mr BrownParents of students using bus 587Download
Summer Newsletter 201926.06.2019Mrs MillettAll parentsDownload
MCAS change to SIMS26.06.2019Mr McGrealAll ParentsDownload
Attendance Matters13.06.2019Mrs MillettAll ParentsDownload
In the Spotlight13.06.2019Mrs. MillettAll ParentsDownload
Bewerley Park Summary Points12.06.2019Mr. JonesDownload
Y12 field trip Stockton and Middlesbrough11.06.2019Mr. JonesYr12 ParentsDownload
Battlefields Trip11.06.2019Miss ColemanDownload
Battlefield Trip Consent Form11.06.2019Miss ColemanDownload
NSPCC and Police meeting07.06.2019HeadteacherAll ParentsDownload
Teaching & Learning Presentation Evening05.06.2019Mrs. FoxAll ParentsDownload
End of Year 8 Science Exam05.06.2019Mr. JealYr8 ParentsDownload
Geography York Trip04.06.2019Mr. PageYr8 ParentsDownload
Ski Trip Letter 202003.06.2019Mrs. MetcalfeYr7-Yr8-Yr9 ParentsDownload
In the Spotlight24.05.2019Mrs. MillettAll ParentsDownload
Geography Field Trip to Redcar, The Tees Barrage and Yarm24.05.2019Mr. JonesYr10 ParentsDownload
Pastoral Changes23.05.2019Mrs. MillettYr7-Yr10 ParentsDownload
Final Q and A Vertical Tutoring to Horizontal Tutoring_Branded23.05.2019Mrs. MillettYr7-Yr10 ParentsDownload
Year 11 Presentation Friday 28th June 201922.05.2019Mr SimpsonYr11 ParentsDownload
Year 8 into Year 9 and Beyond20.05.2019Mr. McGrealYr8 ParentDownload
Tassomai - Science Revision Resource17.05.2019Mrs. TelfordYr11 ParentsDownload
Lead on - 2019 Quadkids Letter17.05.2019Miss AsherDownload
GCSE Info Foundation13.05.2019Mrs. BlakemoreDownload
GCSE Info HIgher13.05.2019Mrs. BlakemoreDownload
Yr11 Exam Timetable Letter13.05.2019Mr. McgrealYr11 ParentsDownload
Yr11 Exam Timetable13.05.2019Mr. McgrealYr11 ParentsDownload
In The Spotlight10.05.2019Mrs. MillettAll ParentsDownload
Attendance Trip03.05.2019Mr. BrownAll ParentsDownload
Y13 Presentation01.05.2019Mrs. StanleyYr13 ParentsDownload
Y10 GCSE Dance Option01.05.2019Mr. McGrealYr10 ParentsDownload
Schoolshop Updates01.05.2019Mr. McGrealAll ParentsDownload
Punctuality Letter01.05.2019Mr. BrownAll ParentsDownload
Letter to parents UCAS Exhibtion26.04.2019Mrs. StanleyYr12 ParentsDownload
Yr7-Yr8 Chromebook15.03.2019Mr. McGrealYr7 & Yr8 ParentsDownload
Yr11 Photographs15.03.2019Heads of HouseYr11 ParentsDownload
Yr11 Prom15.03.2019Mrs. BaileyYr11 ParentsDownload
Yr11 Study Leave15.03.2019Mr. McGrealYr11 ParentsDownload
Apprenticeship Information Evening04.03.2019Mrs. Harrison-HenryAll ParentsDownload
Year 9 ‘Options Evening’27.02.2019Mr. McGrealYr9 ParentsDownload
In the Spotlight!15.02.2019Mrs. MillettAll ParentsDownload
Beverley Park 2019 Deposit Letter15.02.2019Mr. JonesYr10 ParentsDownload
Ofsted Message from Mrs Millett29.01.2019Mrs. MillettAll ParentsDownload
Yr11 Key Dates18.01.2019Mr. McGrealYr11 ParentsDownload
End of Year School Trip Y7-Y1010.01.2019Mr SimpsonYr7-Yr10 ParentsDownload
Winter Newsletter17.12.2018Mrs. MillettAll ParentsInteractive Version
Winter Newsletter17.12.2018Mrs. MillettAll ParentsDownload
Reward Scheme 2018-1917.12.2018Mr. SimpsonAll ParentsDownload
Reward Scheme - Table17.12.2018Mr. SimpsonAll ParentsDownload
Yr11 Prom Passport17.12.2018Mr. SimpsonYr11 ParentsDownload
Yr11 Prom Passport Table17.12.2018Mr. SimpsonYr11 ParentsDownload
HPV Vaccination Letter Stokesley School04.12.2018Lois AldersonYr8 ParentsDownload
Year 9 Vaccination Letter Stokesley School04.12.2018Lois AldersonYr9 ParentsDownload
Yr7-8 New Report for Parents04.12.2018Mr. McgrealYr7 & Yr8 ParentsDownload
Ofsted Message from Mrs Millett28.11.2018Mrs. MillettAll ParentsDownload
Ofsted Inspection Report28.11.2018Mrs. MillettAll ParentsDownload
Update to Behaviour System16.11.2018Mr. SimpsonAll ParentsDownload
Children In Need14.11.2018Mrs. StanleyAll ParentsDownload
Preparation for GCSE Evening13.11.2018Mrs. McGrealYr11 ParentsDownload
OLC Book Fair08.11.2018Mrs. RobertsAll ParentsDownload
Postponed Yr9, Yr10 & Yr11 Parents Information Evening07.11.2018Mr. McGrealYr9, Yr10 & Yr11 ParentsDownload
Ofsted Message from Mrs Millett05.11.2018Mrs. MillettAll ParentsPDF Download
Ofsted School Inspections Guide for Parents05.11.2018Mrs. MillettAll ParentsPDF Download
Inspection of Stokesley School by Ofsted05.11.2018Mrs. MillettAll ParentsPDF Download
Year 9 Middlesbrough Fieldwork 201826.10.2018Mr. JonesYr9 ParentsPDF Download
Progress Report information for Parents Y9-1124.10.2018Mr. McGrealYr9-11 ParentsPDF Download
Yr7 Photographs24.10.2018Heads of HouseYr7 ParentsPDF Download
6th Form Open Evening19.10.2018Mrs. StanleyYr11 ParentsPDF Download
Y9/Yr10 English15.10.2018Mrs. TimneyYr9 & Yr10 ParentsPDF Download
Yr10 Geography10.10.2018Mr. JonesYr10 ParentsPDF Download
Welcome Back19.09.2018HeadteacherAll ParentsPDF Download
School Planners04.09.2018Mrs. FoxAll ParentsPDF Download
Summer Newsletter11.07.2018HeadteacherAll ParentsInteractive Version
Summer Newsletter11.07.2018HeadteacherAll ParentsPDF Download