Staff Index

Senior Leaders

NamePosition eMail Address
Mrs H. L. Millett Headteacher
Mrs M. Stanley Vice Principal
Mrs P. Knapper Assistant Principal
Mr R. McGreal Assistant Principal
Mr C. Simpson Assistant Principal
Mrs S. McGrealAssistant Principal (Acting SENDCo)


Heads Of House

Name Position eMail Address
Mrs J. Bailey Head of House Alder
Mr W. Hamer Head of House Baobab
Mr N. Wilson Head of House Maple
Mr M. Alcock Head of House Oak
Mr S. Metcalfe Head of House Rowan
Mrs J. Wilkinson Head of House Sequoia


Creative Arts Faculty

Name Position eMail Address
Mrs M. Green Subject Leader of Art
Mrs R. Kent Subject Leader of Drama
Miss C. Hall Subject Leader of Music
Miss DM. BrosnanTeacher of Drama
Mrs S. Skilbeck Teacher of Music
Ms S. GregoryTeacher of


Engineering, Design and Technology Faculty

Name Position eMail Address
Mr M. Robinson Subject Leader of DT
Mrs C. Cinnamond Teacher of Food
Mr M. Stevens Teacher of DT Systems
Mr C. Murphy Assistant Head of Faculty
Mr C. Simpson Teacher of DT
Mrs A.Fazakerley Teacher of FTT & Child Development
Mrs N. Dent Assistant Head of Faculty


Humanities Faculty

Name Position eMail Address
Mr C. Jones Subject Leader of Geography
Mr P. Howes Subject Leader of History
Mr M. Page Teacher of Geography
Miss N. Watson Teacher of Geography
Miss H. White Teacher of Geography
Mr S. Heslop Teacher of History
Miss S. Coleman Teacher of History
Miss C. Dowson Teacher of History
Mrs L. Simpson Teacher of Health & Social Care
Mr M. Sales Teacher of Business Studies


Literacy, Cultural & Communications Faculty

Name Position eMail Address
Mrs A. Timney Subject Leader of English
Mrs L. Fox Teacher of English
Mr D. Fox Teacher of English
Mr W. Hamer Teacher of English
Mrs M. Mason Teacher of English
Mrs S. McGreal Teacher of English
Miss N. LakeTeacher of
Mr P. Outhwaite Teacher of English
Mr N. Sharland Teacher of English
Mrs E. Thompson Teacher of English
Mr S.Thomas Teacher of Literacy Plus
Mr C. AdamsTeacher of


Maths Faculty

Name Position eMail Address
Mr A. Tighe Subject Leaser of Maths
Mrs C. Agarwal Teacher of Maths
Mr M. Alcock Teacher of Maths
Mrs S. Blakemore Teacher of Maths
Mrs R. Leach Teacher of Maths
Mrs J. Wilkinson Teacher of Maths
Mr A. Brooks Teacher of Maths
Mr J. Davis Teacher of Maths


Modern & Ancient Languages Faculty

Name Position eMail Address
Mrs S. Drumm Subject Leader of Languages
Mrs L. Brown Assistant Leader of Languages
Mrs S. Cave Teacher of Languages
Mrs A. Baker-Tegethoff Teacher of Languages
Miss H. SmithTeacher of Languages
Mr O. RiddleTeacher of


Physical & Health Education

Name Position eMail Address
Mr D. Beattie Subject Leader of PE
Mr M. Brandon Teacher of PE
Miss L. Asher Stokesley Sports Co-Ordinator
Mrs B. Gosling Teacher of PE
Miss J. Stewart Teacher of PE
Mr N. Wilson Teacher of PE


Sciences Faculty

Name Position eMail Address
Mr D. Jeal Subject Leader of Sciences
Mr D. Blyth Teacher of Science
Mrs A. Borrick Teacher of Science
Miss J. Fitzwalter Teacher of Science
Mrs C. Tweddle Teacher of Science
Mrs J. Jeal Teacher of Science
Miss A. Durant Teacher of Science
Mr N. Weedy Teacher of Science
Mr J. Read Teacher of Science
Miss N. Tabbener Teacher of Science
Miss S. Dinsley Teacher of ICT Computer Sciences
Mrs S. Metcalfe Teacher of ICT Computer Sciences


Vocational Progression

Name Position eMail Address
Mrs C. Byrne Teacher in charge of vocational progression
Mrs J.Harrison-Henry Higher Level Teaching Assistant