Y9 Trip to London

Mrs Timney and I took a group of 27 year 9 pupils (and a stowaway penguin called Gavin) to London. The coach arrived at 7:45am and off we went.

First stop in London was at the Bank of England and meeting our tour guide Antony, who did his utmost to make our trip a success. Here we lifted up a bar of gold worth over £377,000, passed around a sheet of £50 notes worth £1,350 and found out that, if you decided to forge some notes, you could be hung (although I believe they may have stopped doing this now).





The next day began with an ‘All you can eat’ breakfast, after which we were so full we could hardly move!  Back into London and on the way to the Science Museum, we dropped in on the Queen at the Palace.

At the Science museum, the year 9 pupils let their inner child come out when they discovered some slides in Wonderlab.

Next stop was at the British Museum. This houses a fabulous collection of artefacts from around the world, including the Rosetta Stone – the key to cracking Egyptian Hieroglyphics and opening up a world, that until then, we didn’t understand.

On the way back, Sweden let England win 2-0 and some people cheered before the coach managed to break down for 4 hours at Peterborough Services. The pupils didn’t seem overly upset about this (although one had a vigorous dance session the next day and was going to be tired). We finally managed to get back to school at 12:15am. A great trip with a lovely bunch of Stokesley Pupils!