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We encourage students to keep in touch with us after they have moved on to pastures new. It is a delight to catch up with them to find out what wonderful things they have been doing since they left.

We are thrilled to have an ever-increasing number of past students joining our Alumni. They have fond memories of their days at Stokesley and like to keep in touch. Many kindly offer to come in to talk to our students about their lives and careers, or even share their expertise by occasionally getting involved in the classroom too. Students find listening to former Stokesley students sharing their experiences very inspirational, and these visits have had a very positive effect on the motivation of students across the whole school.

If you were a student at Stokesley School and would like to join our Alumni, please send us an email  - we would love to hear from you.

Ashleigh Rushton
Ryan Dury
Ruby Hoggarth
Neave Applebaum
Katie Geldhill
Elysia Fryer
Francesca Ware
Sophie Atkinson
Victoria Brown
Matt Hunter
Laura Simpson
Emma Anderson
Chloe Cornish
Carla McClaren
Evie Hornby
Isobelle Brown
Emma Peacock
Andy Jacott
Cassie Richards
Harry De Cosemo
Grahame Baker
Faye Sedgewick
Nicholas Ivin
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