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Local Governing Body

When Stokesley School became the founding academy of Areté Learning Trust in April 2015, some of the old Governing Body’s roles became the responsibility of the Trust Directors, while other roles were delegated to the Stokesley School Local Governing Body (LGB). For more information on the Trust Directors, please follow this link  https://www.aretelearningtrust.org/our-teamst.org/our-team

The Local Governing Body (LGB) is a representative group consisting of members of the community including staff, parents and co-opted governors who all bring specific skills that benefit the school and its students. The core function of the LGB is to support and challenge the Headteacher and the senior leadership team: ensuring that all the young people in the school continue to have many opportunities to be the best they can be. The LGB is also instrumental in helping to set the strategic aims and objectives for the school and ensure the ambitious targets set are met and have an impact.

The LGB meets 5 times a year to review and monitor the progress of the school, and takes an interest in all matters that affect teaching, learning and the wider school environment. In the face of rapid and continuous change in the world of education, it holds the professional leadership of the school to account, whilst giving time to be supportive in many different areas of school life. Governors are also linked to senior members of the school staff and conduct regular meetings and visits to the school. The LGB is also responsible for the regular review of a wide range of school policies and activities. Stokesley School’s LGB aims to be the best governing body it can be: existing members welcome interest from those who might wish to offer their skills to further enhance their work; and are happy to receive comments and questions (via the school) from anyone who would like to know more about what they do.

contact the local governing body

The Chair of the Local Governing Body, Mr. M. Mason, can be contacted by emailing: mmason@stk.arete.uk

The Trust Governance and Compliance Lead, Mr. P. White can be contacted by emailing: governance@aretelearningtrust.org

Declaration of Business Interests

The governors of Stokesley School Local Governing Body are required to complete an annual Declaration of Business Interests. Copies of these declarations are held by Arete Learning Trust's Governance Administrator and are inspected annually by the appointed Auditors.
To view a copy of the current register interests please click on the link to the right.

Local Governing Body Meeting Attendance

To view a copy of the governors attendance at meetings, please click on the link to the right.

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