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transition to year 7

Thinking of joining us next September? This page provides information to help you choose your next school, or prepare for your start if you have already chosen us.

Transition from Year 6 into Year 7 is the start of your child’s journey through secondary education and beyond. We look forward to the students beginning their seven year journey with us. Our pastoral and SEN teams work closely to ensure that this transition is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Transition is overseen by Mr Burns, assistant head teacher responsible for engagement and wellbeing and the head of year 7, who will be Mrs Brosnan in September 2023. We work throughout the year to plan transition and this work is visible during the summer term when  Mr Burns, Mrs Brosnan and other staff carry out a programme of visits to our main feeder primary schools. 

Because of our semi-rural, geographically large catchment area, we draw on a number of feeder primaries that is significantly above the national average: 39, to be precise! To help support a smooth transition we give students and their parents/carers the opportunity to visit Stokesley School, meeting key staff and learning about school life during the summer term. This is especially useful for students who we may not be able to visit in their primary setting.

Year 6 students participate in a three day induction programme in July, where they get to experience lessons, learn school systems and meet school staff. SEN pupils are supported by Mrs McGreal’s SEN team, and have the opportunity to visit school outside of the induction days. 

Each year, in the summer term, we host uniform sizing events in school where parents/carers can bring children to school, try on uniforms and meet key members of staff.

We are happy to accommodate visits by Year 6 students and their parents/carers outside of standard induction, please contact office@stokesleyschool.org for more information. 

Transition Pack - Year 6 to Year 7

transition timetable - year 6 to year 7

OPEN EVENING: an informative,interactive and inspiring event for Year 6 students and their families.September
WE VISIT YOU: Mr Burns and Mrs Brosnan will visit our feeder primary schools, to meet Year 6 students, answer any questions and give an overview of life at Stokesley school.Summer Term
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