Stokesley Schools Sports Cluster



At the end of a very busy term I would just like this opportunity to say thank you to all the schools that have made the time and effort to bring their children to participate in the range of sporting opportunities that we offer and congratulations to all the children who have participated in the most sporting manner with smiles on their faces – Well done to everyone!

This year we have been operating a ‘league’ system, points have been gained for attending events, qualifying for the next round of tournaments and for ‘fair play’.  We have named this award the ‘Best & Fairest’ award and the inaugural winners are Hutton Rudby –congratulations you have been outstanding all year.  The runners up were Ingleby Greenhow – a fantastic effort for one of our smaller schools.  And in third place Stokesley.



Well done to everyone who came to the high school to play in the mini red tennis tournament.  The levels of concentration were amazing and lead to some excellent rallies, on one court over 75% of the games came down to the final point!  And the overall results were just as close too (on average there was less than one point per game separating the teams!)  The final results are below, good luck to those competing in the next round of the competition

1st          Hutton Rudby
2nd         Ingleby Greenhow
3rd         Stokesley



Thank you to Rugrats Rugby for organising such a fun and active session for our Yr 1s and 2s.  The weather was not very kind on the day so we had to hastily rearrange some activities so that we could all fit in to the sportshall.  The children were using different games to learn more about team work, passing skills, tagging skills and how to evade the opposition (even if they were sharks!)  They all did a fantastic job, listening carefully (it’s really hard in there) and trying their very best at all of the different activities.

Most of all a very big thank you to Chris and Paul at Rugrats Rugby for running the session



Well done to everyone who came to the high school to play in the tennis tournament.  There was lots of skill and guile on display with some excellent rallies amongst all the competitors.  As usual in tennis where every point counts the results couldn’t have been closer – with just one point separating the two teams from Hutton Rudby!  In the end team selection was spot on with the A team winning by one point (over 40 matches!!!)

The final results are below, good luck to those competing in the next round of the competition

1st          Hutton Rudby A
2nd         Hutton Rudby B
3rd         Ingleby Greenhow

And congratulations to Hutton Rudby for winning the Hambleton Area Tournament – good luck at the North Yorkshire round.


Thank you to Stokesley Cricket Club the Yr3/4 children in our cluster enjoyed a sunny morning or afternoon  learning some new cricket skills and testing them out in a game like situation.  There was lots of throwing, catching, batting, bowling and fielding but best of all lots of smiles on faces enjoying being active outside.  Hopefully a few will have enjoyed themselves enough to play some more cricket in the future and there are junior session available at most of our local cricket clubs – Great Ayton, Hutton Rudby, Stokesley, East Harsley – if anyone would like to play some more this summer.



We ventured out to Kirkby & Great Broughton School for a morning of athletics.  Despite the threat of rain all morning we squeezed everything in without getting wet!  The children all completed 4 different events – a sprint, al longer run, a jump and a throw.  The Year 5 group were lucky enough to have the opportunity to give a chosen event a second go and their levels of dedication were rewarded with over 90% of them improving their performances from the first time.  The children all need to be commended on their willingness to give everything a go and try their absolute best – Well done everyone!



Thank you to the Year2s in our cluster for making their way up to the High School for a fun event to celebrate all the hard work that they’ve been doing throughout Key Stage 1.  Amongst other things they used their bodies to make words and letters, they used detective skills to discover the rhythm master, they concentrate so that they didn’t loose any fish out of the river while throwing and catching, they ran as fast as they could so their team could complete a relay, they used hula hoops to make stepping stones and help their team across a river but they couldn’t have completed the events so well if they hadn’t used both sporting skills and that precious brain power they have acquired over the last two years.

Well done to all the Year 2s who took part – we look forward to seeing you all as you progress on your sporting journey and as you do get to come back to the high school for lots of other events.



Once again we got to play our cricket tournament on the manicured grounds of Stokesley Cricket Club so a big thank you to them.  The surroundings were closely matched by the cricket on the day especially in the batting department with lots of sixes.  It was also nice to see those for whom cricket is a new sport improving across the day, well done to everyone.

The final results are below, good luck to those competing in the next round of the competition

1st          Hutton Rudby
2nd         Mount Grace
3rd         Stokesley



As a warm up for next term when tag rugby will have it’s own tournament a few school came up to the high school to give tag rugby a go.  With most of the teams made up of Year 5s (while the year 6s were busy enjoying their STEM activity) there was some excellent skills and determination on show and there will be some tough competition next year when the stakes are higher.  Run as a festival there were no winners or losers, it was just an opportunity for everyone to give the sport a go, learn the rules and get some practice in for next year.  Congratulations to everyone who took part – see you again next term!



We were so happy to see the sunshine that the Year 6s brought up to the High School with them for an afternoon full of different activities – Blindball, Minefield, Parluff, Relay Trivia, Ping Pong Move Along, Bean Bag X&Os, Pictionary, and various relays.  They all worked hard throughout the afternoon and used a variety of both mental and physical skills and of course it was an important chance to give new things a go and of course to work on their team work schools before they make the move up to ‘The Big School’ in September.



For once it didn’t matter what the weather was doing outside as all the efforts and enthusiasm were lighting up the pool inside!  It was a great mornings racing, competition for places in the finals was fierce, but nothing compared to the racing in the individual finals.  There was fantastic support from their team mates leading to some of the closest racing, a lot of the events only had a fingertip in it to decide the winners, indeed one event went to the video referee to corroborate the winner.  Amazing individual racing all round – well done to everyone who came and competed giving their very best, well done you were all superb!

And the relay swimmers was exemplary when it was their turn, with only 2 out of 80 change overs missed and again it was great to see the team support from both the sides and the end of the pool.  It was hard to tell who had won each event as we had to race in two timed heats, but Carlton & Bilsdale won both of the mixed relays, Mount Grace the girls freestyle and Roseberry the boys freestyle.

The positions at the top of the table were reversed from last year with Roseberry winning overall, Carlton & Bilsdale second and Stokesley in third.  It was also great to see all eligible schools swimming today, even our smallest school (Ingleby Greenhow) who had a team of 6 made it in to 4th place – great swimming.

All the schools had the most exemplary behaved students throughout the whole event so I have given each school two fair play points – without their great behaviour we could not have got through the program on time.  Congratulations to you all!



Unfortunately as we had to rearrange due to the weather so we only had Hutton Rudby and Mount Grace able to make the event but it ment that all the children from Year 2 got to come and have a go at playing some ‘active’ rounders at the High School.  Once the children had learnt the new rules that kept them busy in the field they were all fantastic, running around, communicating and getting organised while the batters watched the ball carefully and ‘smashed’ it around the park!

Well done to everyone who came and participated with such enthusiasm and big smiles on their faces – they were all fantastic.



We had a morning filled with lots of friends and fun in the pool.  The children had a go at a range of different fun activities, tug of war, egg and spoon races, water polo, under and overs and big float team races.  Congratulations to all of the school swimming programs that really make a difference at this age it was great to see their confidence in the water and for those that aren’t regular swimmers an opportunity to go and do some activity with their friends.