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Independent Learning & Homework

We believe that independence is one of the most important skills for students to have when they leave school to enter the world of work and, as such, encourage and support students in organising the work that they are required to do outside of the classroom. The work that we set in addition to work done in lesson time is meaningful, relevant, and complements the classroom curriculum to support students in their learning. Where students are set work to do in their own time we refer to this as ‘independent work’ and we offer space in school for those students who may find it harder to focus at home.

Students are given a planner at the start of each academic year. This planner performs a number of functions, but its primary one is to record independent work that is to be completed outside the classroom. 

In order to support our students in organising their own time, teachers always allow a whole week for work to be completed. Giving students a week allows them to give their work the time and the attention that it deserves without it impinging on other commitments that they may have, but it does also mean that we expect a high standard of work when it is submitted. Students have sufficient time, for example, to see their class teacher should they not understand the task, or to do the relevant research and revision to complete work to the best of their ability.

For those students who struggle to work outside of the school building, we have set up a dedicated ‘Independent Work Room’. Situated in the Modern Foreign Languages block in room 403, this is a staffed space in which students can complete work either alone or with support and guidance from a member of staff. Aside from Mondays, this room is open every lunchtime and after school until 4.30pm. 

Should students fail to meet their Independent work deadline, there are sanctions in place to ensure that this work is caught up on as soon as possible. We appreciate that everyone is human and that all of our students might accidentally miss a deadline or leave their work at home. Because of this, all students are given a 24 hour extension on their work before any sanctions are put in place. Late independent work should be given to the teacher in person, or placed in their orange tray before the end of the following school day. Should this work not be handed in by the 24 hour extension, the sanctions that followed are outlined in this flowchart.


Year 11 Not Going To Sixth Form

Please find information on the attached document for our Y11s who are not going on to study A-Levels next year. Mrs Harrison-Henry, Careers Lead, has compiled a range of useful information to help them in planning and preparing for their future.

Independent Work Expectations

All independent work should be written in your planner on the day that it is set. You should record what you have to do, where you will find the information that you need to complete the work, and when it is due. You will always be given at least a week to complete your work. It is also good to get into the habit of making a note to yourself to bring in your work on the day that it is due to be handed in. You should check your planner when you get home each evening, and then when you’re packing your bag for the next school day. This way you will get into the habit of ensuring that you have everything you need for the day ahead. If you are unable to complete your work at home, the Independent work room is open at lunchtime and after school until 4.30pm for you to use.

Flow Chart of Sanctions

We do not expect our students to require sanctions for missing work, but if you do, the following makes clear the stages you will go through:

If you choose not to complete a piece of work, or if you forget to bring your work into school for the deadline, then you will be expected to hand it in by 3.30pm on the next school day.  If you cannot find your teacher then you will be expected to leave your work, clearly labelled with your name and class, in their orange tray.  

If you do not meet this extension you will receive a negative point under ‘Ready’. This will feed into after school detentions.

It is your responsibility to arrange with your teacher when and how you will catch up on the work that you have not completed. If you do not catch up on this work as your teacher has requested you will receive a further negative point for defiance under ‘Respectful’. This will feed into Internal Exclusion.

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