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Programmes of Study Guide

Programmes of Study is our description of the range of subjects studied which have final examinations in Year 11. Most subjects follow a GCSE syllabus, with a few exceptions which follow the Cambridge National exam syllabus. The information is particularly relevant to Year 8 students as we begin the process of selecting the GCSE choices in January of Year 8, with a view to starting the courses in September of Year 9.

The Programmes of Study encompass the range of subjects that are available for students to choose from which go alongside the core subjects of Maths, Sciences, English and Religious Studies. We are very proud of the breadth of our curriculum choices which include the Arts and creative subjects, technologies, some vocational subjects as well as traditional academic subjects. These choices are available to all. Our curriculum, for many, will be based around making choices from Modern Languages and Humanities as well as from the wide range of other subjects available.

Our comprehensive Programmes of Study guide includes further information about the subject choices offered. Please spare some time to gain an insight into the wide-ranging support available, including careers guidance, advice on making choices, extensive subject information as well as the wealth of help from our learning support department. Click here to view the Programmes of Study guide.

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