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Enrichment & Student Leadership

As part of developing and preparing all our students for life in modern Britain, we constantly strive to encourage our students to be the best they can be in everything they do. This applies to their own personal development as much as it does to their academic achievement. It is important for every student to be able to use their voice in a positive way and to showcase their skills across the enhancement opportunity/ies of their choice. At Stokesley School we pride ourselves on our vast range of opportunities open to our students. 

The offer at Stokesley School crosses the whole curriculum, including sports, performing arts, leadership, promotional, STEM, literacy, debating as well as national and international activities including charity work.


Student Leadership

At Stokesley School, we have recently developed and created new layers to our Student Leadership Programme. Traditionally, we have always had our Senior Prefects including Head Girl and Boy in our Sixth Form. Their duties include working alongside our Senior Leadership Team to promote our school at community events including Stokesley Show and representing our school and Sixth Form at school events including our celebration and open evenings. In addition to this, our team have operated peer mentoring schemes to support younger students in reading and promoting positive behaviours around the whole school. 


We have now expanded and developed this programme in two ways in order to encourage all our students to be involved in debating and shaping the development of school life at their school.  


Y10 students are now able to apply for the role of prefect and have been given roles and responsibilities to promote our school ethos; Ready, Respectful, Ambitious. Those students who are eligible to apply must at all times embody that ethos. 


Secondly, students from Y7-10 are also able to apply for the role of Student Leader. Students can apply for this post whilst showcasing their own personal skill set. This can include a formal letter, but more creative approaches are also readily welcomed including a blog, piece of art, performance piece, poetry or any other creative way they come up with. 


Led by our Deputy Headteacher with the support of our Heads of Year and Pastoral Support Assistant, our Head Girl and Head Boy chair our development meetings with suggestions from all year groups welcomed. 


Giving our students a voice promotes self worth and self esteem. Importantly, being involved plays a significant role in how students learn to listen to each other's views, demonstrate tolerance and respect and also develop essential debating and oracy skills.


Alongside the student leadership programme we have numerous other opportunities throughout the year to allow students of all interests and passions to participate and be successful in their chosen field. Some clubs and activities will take place at certain times of the year. Students can find an updated list on the boards near reception or by downloading our current programme.


Clubs and Societies

  • Dance Club
  • Salsa Club
  • Football
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Rounders
  • Debating Club
  • Anti-Bullying Ambassadors
  • Digital Ambassadors
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver
  • Christmas Concert
  • Pensioners Tea Party
  • Summer Production
  • Y9 and Y10 Drama Performance Evening
  • Dance Showcase
  • Charity Fundraising Events
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Musical lessons
  • Steel Pans
  • Eco- Group
  • Business CLub
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Group

To supplement our enrichment activities, we also operate numerous trips to further develop our students' understanding of the lives of the wider national and international communities. These include:

  • Annual Ski to Austria
  • Maths,English and Performing Arts visits to London
  • Theatre visits
  • Music Competitions
  • Sporting Fixtures locally, nationally and internationally
  • Rock Climbing
  • Paris Homestay with MFL
  • Languages visit to York university
  • Historical Royal Armouries
  • Morocco Cultural and Adventure Trip
  • Geography trip to Italy
  • Crandale

Attending Lectures to local and national Universities

Careers trips events are scheduled throughout the year targeting all year groups and include engineering, BBC Bitesize, computing and STEM for girls and boys, Post 16 college and university visits and Careers Enrichment Days for all year groups.

Learning for Life trips have included Anti-bullying Ambassador Training, interview workshops, Digital Ambassador Training alongside visiting workshops and performances.

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