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Year 11 – Curriculum

It is crucial that our young people develop the essential learning skills, resourcefulness and sense of self-worth that they will need in the ever-changing world of life and work ahead. Our curriculum therefore is one which continually evolves, combining a commitment to students’ personal development with the demands of academic rigour. 


In year 10 students begin their GCSE studies having chosen their options during year 9 and these subjects carry through into year 11.  We encourage as many of our students as possible to study the full range of subjects that makes up the Ebacc in order to give the broadest possible opportunities later in life, although our philosophy is built on choice so we do not insist students follow this route; although they do have to select one of the options from the extended core.  The table below shows the amount of time given to each subject over the course of a week in year 11. Students choose four GCSE options.


An alternative pathway is available for those students who learn best through more practical and vocational elements. Our Bridge Course includes qualifications in a variety of Level 1 and 2 courses, including : Fire Service and the Community, Level 1/2  award in Event Operations, Certificate of Personal Effectiveness and work experience placements. Students have 6 hours of Bridge per week in year 10 and year 11. They will miss one PE lesson and one RE lesson a fortnight in year 10, and one PE lesson per week in year 11.


Students all study these core subjects

English language 2
English literature 2
Mathematics 4
Science 5
Core PE 2

Students must choose at least one of these extended core subjects, many choose more than one

Triple Science additional 2.5 hours on top of the 5 hours for core science
Computing 2.5
Geography 2.5
History 2.5
French 2.5
German/Spanish 2.5

Students then choose further subjects from this list of option subjects, giving 4 choices in total

Bridge, inc WJEC Level 1/2 award Event Operations 5 (counts as 2 choices) + 2 in alternative weeks
GCSE Fine Art 2.5
GCSE Business Studies 2.5
GCSE Digital Photography 2.5
GCSE Design Technology 2.5
GCSE Drama 2.5
BTEC Drama 2.5
GCSE Philosophy and Ethics 2.5
OCR National ICT 2.5
OCR National Child Development 2.5
OCR National Health and Social Care 2.5
WJEC Level 1/2 award Hospitality and Catering 2.5
WJEC Level 1/2 award Engineering 2.5

We also offer a further option after school with GCSE Music.  This is on top of the 4 choices.

More details of the curriculum in each subject area can be found in our subject websites that can be accessed here.

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