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At Stokesley School we want our students to be highly engaged, intrigued and ambitious learners. We also want them to be ready for their next stage, be that GCSE, A-Level, higher education, apprenticeships or work. We also want them to learn to be respectful and tolerant citizens. Our curriculum recognises that a significant number of our students are high achievers and alongside the ambitions we hold for all our learners,  keeps academic rigour at its core. We embrace the arts and are more ambitious than the national curriculum, for example ensuring all year 8 students study drama discretely and have access to it in years 9 to 11.  We are also influenced by the local labour market thus ensuring strength of provision in STEM subjects, particularly at A-Level, as well as robust careers guidance for apprenticeships and links with local vocational providers. Ultimately, we believe the expertise for curriculum delivery lies with the Heads of Faculty/Department and subject specialists; within a culture of collaborative working and carefully selected school-wide shared approaches, our capable subject areas have the freedom to plan and sequence their curricula to ensure knowledge and skills are developed over the 5/7 years of study, retained over this time, and enable students to successfully reach their endpoints, be that GCSE or A Level.

Year 9 – Curriculum

It is crucial that our young people develop the essential learning skills, resourcefulness and sense of self-worth that they will need in the ever-changing world of life and work ahead. Our curriculum therefore is one which continually evolves, combining a commitment to students’ personal development with the demands of academic rigour.  Students study a broad range of subjects for as long as possible but do choose some personalisation in year 9.

Towards the middle of year 9 students choose their GCSE options ready for year 10.  They have four choices, although one of them is restricted to our extended core subjects of triple science, history, geography, languages and computing. Learning for GCSE options begins in the September of year 10.


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