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Geography: Year 9 Field Trip

19 February 2020  |  Darren Smith

Last week saw the whole of year 9 visited Middlesbrough on either a chilly, but thankfully dry, Wednesday or Thursday morning to investigate how the town changes in characteristic and use as you move from the town centre to the outskirts.  Students visited the town centre, the inner city area of Gresham, Linthorpe village, and the suburbs of Acklam and Coulby Newham, collecting data on environmental quality and landuse as they went.

 In lessons, we have been studying a land use model known as the Burgess Model and we are now processing our data to see if it fits our local large town or not.

We also took an opportunity to look at some regeneration along Baker and Bedford Street and at the University of Teesside Southfield Road showing how these places change or perceptions of what particular areas should look like.

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