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Hot Chocolate Friday 01 February 2019

07 February 2020  |  Darren Smith

On this snowy day in February, it was a welcome treat to have a round of hot chocolates! The deserving nominees this week were: Roxanne who is ‘fabulous, hardworking and wants to be the best she can be’; Archie who is a ‘lovely student’ and is ‘always keen to help’; Isaac who has made an ‘excellent start to Stokesley School’; Dara who ‘can always be relied upon’ and is ‘a hardworking and dedicated student’; Ben who is extremely ‘helpful in tutor time’, is ‘supportive of others’ and has had a ‘good progress report’; and, finally, Tristan who is a ‘fabulous role model for students, follows the rules all of the time and is an asset to the school’.

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