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Hot Chocolate Friday 10 January 2020

19 February 2020  |  Darren Smith

The first hot chocolate nominees of the new decade were Y8. The reasons for their nominations were as follows:

  • Olivia – for having no negatives at all this academic year and 75 ambition points. Also, for being polite and hard-working.
  • Matthew – for being a polite pleasant mature student with a ‘can do’ attitude. He has volunteered for a number of out of school activities offered, often taking part in events with students outside of his year group. Following his visit to LABMAN we received an email complimenting Matthew on his hard work, attitude and resilience in the Future Engineer competition.
  • Millie – for being a very polite, friendly and helpful student. She has a positive attitude and, lately, has been getting a large number of ambition points, which shows how her attitude has improved even from the high level it was at before.
  • Lewis – for being a lovely student who quietly works hard. He is always ready to learn, ambitious and respectful. He is friendly, polite and has a superb attitude.
  • Isobel – for being a hardworking student who always just gets on in all her lessons. She is very polite and respectful to everyone she comes into contact with and is a lovely member of the tutor group.
  • Joshua – for being an extremely hardworking student who always tries his best and focuses hard consistently.
  • Janice – for always doing what is expected of her and always being polite and respectful. She is quiet, but has an exceptional attitude and always strives to be the best she can be.
  • Yusef – for making lots of effort over the first term to try and improve his behaviour and general approach to school. He has done a fantastic job of this, and really makes a valuable contribution to the tutor group.
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