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Hot Chocolate Friday 13 December – Christmas Jumper Day Special

19 February 2020  |  Darren Smith

Today’s Hot Chocolate was extra-special and extra-festive! With it being Christmas jumper day, the students not only sported their own jolly jumpers; they also helped me to judge the staff Christmas jumper competition that we have been running throughout the day! It was a pleasure to spend time with them all. They were nominated for Hot Chocolate Friday by their tutors for the following reasons:

  • Eva – for having excellent organisation and teamwork for the shoe boxes that have recently been prepared for charity. Eva is always kind and helpful to everyone – even bringing in sweets for the form. She is always well prepared with her equipment for the day.
  • Alfie – for always being very polite and kind to everyone in the form and if anyone needs any help, always offering.
  • Jayden – for always being kind, ready and respectful. He has recently had some glowing reports from several teachers. On top of this, he has also had 0 behaviour points!
  • Alex – for always being ready, respectful and ambitious and going about his business with the minimum of fuss.
  • Goodness – for having an excellent attitude. She takes part in a number of competitions and extra-curricular clubs. She also always makes strong contributions during Learning for Life.
  • Nina – for demonstrating significant ambition and resilience by adapting her choice of tasks. This has been particularly evident in Accelerated Reader where she has moved to a more appropriate level to improve her quiz scores.
  • Isobel – for always working hard and trying her best. She is a volunteer in the library and also won the pumpkin design competition.
  • Rebecca – for being very generous in her donation to the shoebox appeal. She is a lovely presence in her tutor group: always happy and ambitious. She regularly helps out and supports other members of the group.
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