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Hot Chocolate Friday – 14 December 2018

07 February 2020  |  Darren Smith

Huge congratulations to the final hot chocolate nominees of 2018! In fact, Aaliyah, Hannah and Maddie will be the last year elevens of this academic year as, after Christmas, we will not be disrupting this year group’s valuable lesson time. Aaliyah was nominated for being the ‘unofficial’ form rep and always organising tutor activities; Hannah was described as a hardworking student who is an asset to Stokesley School; and Maddie is simply an ‘absolute star’ and an all-round lovely girl who always does her best.

In what was an all-girl event, our other three students were Izzy, Aimee and Grace. Izzy was nominated for being fantastic in her form tutor’s absence and also being extremely helpful; Aimee was nominated for having an excellent start to life at Stokesley School; and, finally, Grace was chosen because she has received an excellent progress report and has been promoting the issues related to palm oil use.

Well done to all of the students; I hope they have a wonderful Christmas break.

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