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Hot Chocolate Friday 18 October 2019

13 February 2020  |  Darren Smith

This week we made it round to our Y11s for the first time on Hot chocolate Friday. One person from each form was nominated for the following reasons:

  • Joseph – a good role model to other students in the form through the manners he shows and the maturity with which he conducts himself. He is able to articulate his points and opinions in Learning for Life and other tutor scenarios with balance and consideration. He always uses time in form wisely, producing revision resources for a variety of subjects. He is focussed on what he needs to do to achieve in year 11 to enable him to move onto the next chapter of his life.
  • Archie – has made a positive and productive start to year 11. He is one of those pupils who perhaps doesn’t call attention to himself, but keeps working hard in the background. He is a positive and thoughtful member of the form who always has something interesting to say and to add to discussions!
  • Hannah – has had a brilliant start to year 11. She makes good contributions in form time, and is doing well in lessons across the school. She has asked for additional support and guidance where she feels that she needs it and is also top of the leader board for GCSE pod showing a really good attitude to independent work.
  • Amber – is well organised and makes the most of any spare time in Tutor Time to revise for her upcoming exams.
  • Chloe – has made extra-curricular contributions to school (most recently singing under the atrium at open evening) and shown great resilience and ambition under difficult personal circumstances.
  • Elliot – is always polite well mannered, organised and shows willingness to help, whatever the task.
  • Grace – can go under the radar due to be quiet and unassuming. She is one of those students who is working hard all the time. She is pro-active in tutor time, utilising every opportunity to revise and consolidate learning. She is also an advocate for mental wellbeing showing her table how drawing/colouring can give them respite from the challenges of year 11.
  • Ruby – has started the year fantastically, achieving a weekend placement at Art College and creating the winning logo for the Stokesley Climate Action group. She is ambitious in both lessons and in form time, and she is a delight to have in the tutor group.
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