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Hot Chocolate Friday: 20 September 2019

13 February 2020  |  Darren Smith

This week it was the turn of Y8 for Hot chocolate Friday. One person from each form was nominated for the following reasons:

  • Holly – Has amassed over 11 ambition points in the first week! More than anyone else in the form by a margin.
  • Mia – Helped a new student to form and is always cheerful, polite, ready, and respectful. She will do anything she’s asked with a smile. She is reliable and trustworthy, tries hard in lessons – basically, an all-round good egg!
  • Emma – Has had excellent performance with Ambition Points so far this term: Emma is the form leader with 11 points so far. She is polite and respectful, and always tries her best.
  • Freya – Freya experienced a difficult time last year, but after the summer she has returned with a fantastic attitude. She has settled into her new tutor group very well, she is always ready to learn and is a friendly student to have in the tutor group.
  • Rose – Has had the best start to year 8 in the tutor group – 15 ambition points! Well done so far.
  • Kate – Is incredibly polite and is always willing to help out in form. She is very mild mannered and always does the right thing.
  • Isabella – Always polite, always does as asked, and always tries her hardest. She has made multiple contributions in the latest assemblies.
  • Lauren – A lovely student who is always on time, always has her equipment ready and has just made a really good start to the new academic year!
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