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Hot Chocolate Friday 27 September 2019

13 February 2020  |  Darren Smith

This week was Y9’s Hot chocolate Friday. One person from each form was nominated for the following reasons:

  • Leon – always has all of his equipment and is punctual. He also helped with the laminated form jigsaw for the noticeboard.
  • Hazel – always smiles, is always ready, always helps others and achieved 15 Ambition Points in one week!
  • Nieve – is highly involved in school life and always helpful. She also has a proactive attitude, is positive, and engages in conversations. An asset to her form!
  • Kiesha – has made an excellent start to the year; is pleasant, polite and kind at all times.
  • Sebastian – is always ready and has a positive attitude. Furthermore, he has taken an active role in class discussions making sound points, but is open to discussion too. An asset to the tutor group.
  • Campbell – an absolute start for receiving 14 Ambition points in one week!
  • Eibhlin – an outstandingly responsible and reliable student who has made an excellent start to the year.
  • Bethany – several teachers have already commented to her tutor about how excellent her attitude is towards all of her work.
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