House System

When students join the school they are placed in one of our six houses :


Baobab-ShieldMaple-ShieldOak-ShieldRowan-ShieldHouse Shields




Each house has nine tutor groups of around 20 students drawn from across  Years 7 to 11.  The form tutor has the main responsibility for the care and academic progress of the student and is the first point of contact between home and school.

Our House System has many advantages.

  • Tutors really get to know their students and are able to build up strong parental links
  • Tutors are able to provide targeted support for a small group of students at any one-time (eg. Options time – the tutor can give quality time to support the Year 9 students in the tutor group)
  • It provides a system for friendly competition between houses in all manner of areas, e.g. sport, the arts, attendance, behaviour, charitable activities
  • There are increased opportunities for responsibilities for older students e.g. House Captains, House Prefects, mentors for younger students
  • It increases the flexibility in the curriculum for individual students .

Heads of House provide support and guidance for their tutor team. Parents can arrange to see the tutor or Head of House should the need arise.

Contacting your child’s Head of House:

House Namee-Mail Address