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Academic achievement is of the utmost importance in every student’s life. When an individual attains the best set of qualifications it opens doors to their future aspirations and career choices. Here at Stokesley School, we pride ourselves on providing a centre for excellence within our examinations preparation and provision. We cater for all of our students, ensuring every individual, whatever their needs, have the best environment for success.

In order to prepare and develop all our students for the examinations they will sit in Y11 and Y13 we begin to introduce students to revision techniques in Y7. This is developed across KS3 and KS4 to fully prepare them for the independent study sessions at Sixth Form and beyond. 


The skills they learn allow them to fully prepare for testing in the classroom setting as well as sitting formal examinations. Thus allowing them to feel confident when it comes to the public examination series. Ensuring students are familiar with the proceedings and are comfortable in their settings allows them to perform at their best. We request that our parents/carers ensure their children attend all examinations to give them the best possible chance at success. Please note that for public examinations, only a doctor's letter will suffice for absence. Please see the JCQ regulations.

Y11 & Y13 Formal Assesments January 2024

Y11 & Y13 Formal Assessments will commence on Monday 29th January 2024, individual timetables will be distributed to students in January.

Student Exam Handbook

Exam Policy 23/24

Y11 Phased Dismissal 23/24

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Exam Certificates from Summer 2023

Drop-in sessions for students who completed their A Levels or GCSE's in Summer 2023 to collect their exam certificates will take place on Monday 18th December from 12-5pm and Thursday 21st December 2023 from 12-3:30pm.
If you are unable to make one of our drop-in sessions please contact exams@stk.arete.uk and we will arrange for you to collect them. If you are unable to attend in person, your certificates may be collected by a parent/carer as long as you give your signed consent. The person collecting the certificate on your behalf would need to bring photo ID.




If you're looking for some ideas to kick start your revision, or if you're feeling like you need some new ideas and techniques to keep you motivated, why not watch one or more of our new Study Skills Videos. Short and snappy (never more than 5 minutes), they aim to provide you with a strategy to try to enhance your revision and help you to retain the information that you're studying. We hope you find them useful.

Archived exam information

If you have a query or a question in relation to exams please email exams@stk.arete.uk. This will make it easier for us to direct your enquiry to the right place. Thank you.


At Stokesley we offer a range of vocational qualifications in year 10 and 11 to complement our more traditional GCSE courses. These are currently available in child development, creative imedia, engineering, event operations, health and social care, hospitality, and ICT. These courses are not easier options, but instead offer a more work-related programme that is assessed throughout rather than wholly at the end. Students complete portfolio work through the two years of study with an external exam that all goes towards deciding their final grade.


Vocational courses do not use the same grading system of 9 - 1 like GCSEs. Instead they use a pass, merit, distinction grading system, although the exact number of grades differs between qualification. The equivalence between these and GCSEs (old and new) are shown below. The brackets show how these appear on students reports.


Old GCSE Grade (no longer used)New GCSE GradeChild Development

Creative imedia

Health and Social Care


Y11 Engineering

Event Operations


Y10 Engineering



9Level 2 Distinction*


Level 2 Distinction*


A7Level 2 Distinction


Level 2 Distinction


B6Level 2 Merit


Level 2 Merit


C4Level 2 Pass


Level 2 Pass


D3Level 1 Distinction


E2Level 1 Merit



Level 1 Pass


F/G1Level 1 Pass






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