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We are particularly proud of the appearance of our students. Our philosophy is that an emphasis on smart appearance feeds in to good behaviour and good behaviour underpins effective learning. Our spirit of constructive, positive competition is reflected in our uniform. In addition to black blazer, trousers or skirt our students’ ties indicate their year group.

Smartness and high standards of appearance are expected at all times.

The school believes that a school uniform is important because it:

  • looks smart
  • wears well
  • is cost effective
  • contributes to a sense of belonging
  • gives a common purpose
  • fosters a feeling of pride
  • reduces ‘fashion competition’ between children
  • prepares students well for similar demands in the workplace in future years

All children should wear the uniform and we encourage them to maintain an acceptable standard of clean and tidy dress in school. 
The uniform list sets out the details of what the uniform is. In all cases, it is for the school to decide what is and is not acceptable school wear.


  • From September 2022: The tie colours for each year group are: Y7 blue; Y8 red; Y9 purple; Y10 orange; Y11 green. Tie/jumper colours stay with students throughout their 5 years in main school so they do not have to be replaced yearly.
  • Optional jumper in the students’ year group colour (year group colours shown above).  If a jumper is worn a blazer must be worn as well.
  • A plain white school shirt (long-sleeved or short-sleeved) that can be buttoned to the collar (shirt should be buttoned at the top).
  • Boys’ black trousers from uniform supplier
    (School Shop https://school-shop.co.uk/school/stokesley-school).
  • Girls’ black trousers from uniform supplier
    (School Shop https://school-shop.co.uk/school/stokesley-school).
  • Pleated school skirt from uniform supplier
    (School Shop https://school-shop.co.uk/school/stokesley-school) that extends to the knee.
  • If a skirt is to be worn, then plain black tights (minimum of 60 denier) must be worn under the skirt; the skirt should still extend to the knee.
  • Whilst in school, sensible plain black school shoes. No trainers, boots, plimsolls, sandals or heels may be worn.  There should not be any sizeable logos, any colour or any extravagant adornments on the shoes such as large bows and sequins for example, small, black bows and small black tassels are acceptable. Examples of acceptable shoes and unacceptable shoes are shown on the next page. In very poor weather conditions (heavy snow or heavy rain), students may come to school in boots.  However, when in school and on school grounds school shoes must be worn.
  • From September 2021 earrings are not permitted to be worn. The only piece of jewellery students are allowed to wear is a wrist watch. 
  • If students are attending college for the day as part of their education they may come to school in the clothes they need for college.  If they are back at school, they should change back into school uniform.
  • A sturdy bag to carry equipment and books to and from school.  School bags that are permitted are rucksacks, shoulder bags and satchels.  PE kit may be brought into school in a separate kit bag.


Like our School Uniform, the PE Kit is now supplied by School Shop. We launched the new PE Kit for use from September 2021 and have been able to design a great range of products that are available to see on the school shop website. (https://school-shop.co.uk/school/stokesley-school)

The table below details the cost of the new kit, the items that are compulsory for boys/girls, shaded yellow, and the additional items that are optional, shaded red
In addition to the PE Kit shown above all students require:
  • Plain white ankle socks (indoor)
  • Shin pads
  • Towel
  • Swimming trunks/shorts (navy or black and above the knee for boys)
  • One piece swimming costume (girls)
  • Hair fastening, if required
  • Navy or Black tracksuit bottoms/leggings are optional, with staff permission


  • Non-black belts or overly elaborate, decorative belts.
  • Make-up including nail varnish and false nails.
  • Tattoos including henna tattoos.
  • Any trousers or skirts not bought directly from our supplier as outlined above.
  • Trousers or skirts that are modified, other than bottom of trousers needing to be taken up.
  • Hoodies and sports tops worn as coats and under blazers.
  • Head wear including caps (unless specified by school).
  • Sunglasses.

Extreme haircuts are banned in school

  • Very short hair, less than a blade two.
  • Students are not permitted to dye their hair in unnatural colours, this includes bleaching or bright colours.
  • Students are not allowed to have tramlines or patterns of any sort shaved into their hair.
  • If as a parent you have any query about appropriate hairstyles or cuts, please contact your child's Head of Year before going to a barber or hairdresser.


  • School will not lend items of uniform.  However, if students forget uniform and parents cannot bring the item(s) into school or the student cannot go home to retrieve their uniform, then they can purchase missing items from Student Services.  Items available to purchase are ties, blazers and trousers.
  • If a student cannot get correct uniform from home or is unable to purchase the missing item, then the student will be given a report card from their tutor at the start of the school day and sent to lessons.  However, they will receive a negative behaviour point for every item of uniform missing.
  • If a student has a specific medical reason for wearing non-uniform at any time, this must be communicated to the school in advance and be accompanied by a doctor’s note.

The images below show some examples of acceptable boys’ footwear for Stokesley School.









Specialised equipment may be required in certain lessons and they should be brought when necessary. Text books and specialised equipment will be issued on loan and students will be required to pay for any loss or damage to school property.

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