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12 February 2021  |  Darren Smith

At Stokesley School, we are proud to announce the launch of the trial of Lexia, a program designed to help students in Years 7 and above become proficient readers, confident learners and GCSE-ready.

Lexia is a computer-based program which provides explicit, systematic and individual learning in reading and comprehension skills for students at all levels.  Children should complete at least 3 thirty minute sessions of Lexia a week in order to make good progress.

Each student follows a personalised learning path, based on their current knowledge and skills, as demonstrated within a range of Lexia activities. Lexia software can adapt in response to mistakes students may make and so is able to teach them what they need to know without wasting time on things the students know already. Repeated activities give students the chance to practise their skills many times so that they become rapid and automatic. Lexia can be accessed at home and children who are on the Lexia program are encouraged to do several additional Lexia sessions a week outside school hours. This is especially beneficial during weekends, the school holidays and, of course, Lockdown!

After less than a week on the Lexia program many of our students have already excelled in their engagement with the program’s activities,  some of whom have, additionally, demonstrated an advanced knowledge in their ‘Grammar’, ‘Comprehension and ‘Word Skills’.  A HUGE pat on the back goes out to Oliver, Carys, Anna, Edward, Ines, Jack, Harris, Meredith  and Divine for their hard work and enthusiasm with the new literacy program.

If your child is following a Lexia program at school, you will be notified in writing with set up instructions in the letter.

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