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19 February 2020  |  Darren Smith

On Friday 25th October, Stokesley School hosted a ‘Readathon’ event, whereby teachers read to our students during their lessons throughout the day.

The short story, Lambs to the Slaughter, was split into 6 sections and within the first 10 minutes of each lesson, each section was read aloud by teachers. Students then moved onto their next lesson to hear the next part of the story, culminating in a full story being read to students by the end of the day.

By doing this, students were left in suspense, and they were eager to hear the next part of the story. Between lessons, many students were overheard talking about what might happen next, as each chapter unfolded. Furthermore, many staff commented on how great it was to see students being extremely engaged in reading and it provided a great opportunity for class discussions.

Mr Brown, the initiative organiser said, “We really want our students to read for pleasure, as we know there is a strong link between reading and academic success. By holding the Readathon today, I think we have managed to provide all our students with the opportunity to engage in reading. It was great to see students so excited, and I am pleased we have given them the opportunity to immerse themselves in a good book, with their classroom teachers and peers. We will most definitely consider doing this more often.”

 Overall, the initiative was a great success and was a most enjoyable way to end the half term

Mr Brown.

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