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Scarborough Hospital Open Day

13 February 2020  |  Darren Smith

A group of 22 Stokesley School students who have expressed an interest in Careers in the NHS and wanted to find out about the vast range of jobs available, took part in our visit to Scarborough Hospital Open Day organised by the NHS Foundation Trust and York Teaching Hospital.  

Students were able to meet staff representing a variety of Wards and Departments within the Hospital.  This was a valuable opportunity for students to learn what takes place behind the scenes within the Hospital on a daily basis and being able to talk face to face with professionals and find out about routes into associated careers was a unique experience.

Holly (Sixth Form Student) commented -“After last week, I think I would like to explore a career in Medicine … I feel like after talking to the people on the stands – especially the Training Doctor at the University stand – that it’s the type of job that I would love!”  

There were also some ‘behind the scenes’ tours and seminars which our students were also able to participate in during the visit, which they took full advantage of. 

Students commented that “Overall it was a very worthwhile experience” and  they were “grateful to have had the opportunity but hoped that James Cook University Hospital would offer a similar experience, as travelling all the way to Scarborough was perhaps a little too far!”

Mrs J Harrison-Henry
Careers Leader

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