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We aim to provide a comprehensive student leadership and enrichment programme which will enable students to acquire those skills and experiences that will set them apart from others when applying for places at university, degree-level apprenticeships or competitive careers.

A modern Sixth Form must deliver a programme that is not only academically rigorous, but is also supported by the widest possible range of academic and practical learning experiences. Today’s sixth former needs to leave college with a portfolio of evidence charting not only their academic ability, but evidencing the skills they have developed, the experiences they have had, and demonstrating their all-round capabilities as a student, employee and citizen.

Stokesley Sixth Form College is in the enviable position where we can offer our sixth form students a wide range of opportunities to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills, which will in turn help to increase their confidence, sense of independence, as well as their ability to communicate effectively with others at all levels. The majority of our students readily volunteer to support some of our younger students, with many acting as coaches, mentors and classroom assistants.


Other responsibilities on offer include assisting with our accelerated reading programme (a reading scheme for students in Y7 and Y8) or becoming  prefects. Midway through year 12, students are invited to apply for the role of Head Boy and Head Girl. Furthermore, there are additional opportunities as we have recently introduced four deputies to assist the Head Boy and Girl. These high profile roles are quite demanding, as students find themselves very much at the forefront at annual events in both sixth form and main school. These important roles provide the perfect opportunity for students to develop their public speaking ability, as well as their leadership and organisational skills.

The experiences gained from all of these activities are seen as highly desirable by universities when recruiting new undergraduate students.

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