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Information For University And College Admissions Teams

Stokesley School and Sixth Form College is situated in a market town in North Yorkshire and hosts around 1120 students, 140 of which attend the Sixth Form. Our catchment area ranges from affluent rural hamlets, to areas in the industrial town of Middlesbrough which are found within the lowest quintile for deprivation in the country. The curriculum offered is largely academic and features a small number of applied general qualifications, and the vast majority (over 95%) of students go on to study at university.


In order to increase the breadth of the curriculum we can offer, we work with other schools within the Areté Learning Trust to deliver remote access to some subjects where demand for a course in any single school is low.



The vast majority of our students take three A-levels. A few opt to take four at the beginning of Year 12, usually taking further mathematics alongside maths.  We do not offer AS levels other than for further mathematics should the student be studying three other A-levels alongside it.


We attempt to tailor our curriculum each year to the wants and needs of the Year 11 cohort: an example of this would be matching the Modern Foreign Languages offer to that of the GCSE studies the previous year. Currently all but two of the subjects on offer are A-levels or Academic qualifications.  These are Applied Science and Business Studies are Cambridge Technicals.


We also offer the Extended Project Qualification and mathematical studies to help both support students with their other subjects and develop their personal record.



Students sit assessments in several formal exam weeks: the first in Year 12 during the month of June, another in October in Year 13 and the final one in Year 13 during the month of January/February. These assessment periods play a major role in evidencing predicted grades, although professional judgements and in-class assessments are also taken into account.


Staff are required to give their first estimate of a predicted grade before the end of Year 12, which is shared with the students. Dialogues then take place between the Head of Sixth Form, subject teachers and students. This allows the students an opportunity to demonstrate progress in the coming months and allow predicted grades to be amended where necessary. All parties must agree to a change in predicted grade should any occur.  Moderation of grades occurs across three sixth forms within the Trust to ensure accuracy of projections.

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