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Standards & Expectations

Our Sixth Form students are the best advertisement for the college. They are articulate, kind and passionate about their studies. They act as role models for our younger students and are always keen to help out at main school events, ‘giving something back’ to the institution that has helped them to be the best they can be.

We have high expectations for our students. Students are expected to have a mature and responsible attitude as they are encouraged to work independently. Meeting assessment deadlines, good punctuality, excellent attendance, as well as demonstrating a focused and positive attitude to learning are essential to achieve academic success at this level.   

Our sixth form college embraces the diversity and variety of its students and staff and expects all students, staff and visitors to treat one another with equal respect and dignity. The college regards abusive or aggressive behaviour as unacceptable.

Sixth Form students must wear an identification lanyard at all times, this is part of our safeguarding expectations. Sixth form students also have privileged access via their ID badge through areas restricted to staff; we expect all of our sixth formers to take this responsibility very seriously. In addition, we operate a signing in and out system for sixth form students; this must be adhered to at all times so we know which students are on site in the event of a fire or general evacuation.

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